University of Toronto SCS adds new ‘Cloud Systems in Practice’ advanced course to its Cloud Computing certificate program December 12, 2016 by News E

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Michael O’Neil, principal analyst, InsightaaS

University of Toronto SCS adds new ‘Cloud Systems in Practice’ advanced course to its Cloud Computing certificate program

December 12, 2016 by News Editor

The Toronto Cloud Business Coalition found that 40% of Canadian small businesses and 100% of large have deployed at least one cloud solution. This explosion in usage creates an urgent need for professionals who can define cloud initiatives in terms of business outcomes, structure cloud initiatives to address point and process goals, or improve efficiency and agility with which those systems are used.

Enter Cloud Systems in Practice-2856, a new course that is a component of the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies’ Cloud Computing Certificate. InsightaaS and Toronto Cloud Business Coalition principal Michael O’Neil has designed a cutting-edge curriculum to address these challenges. Read more


AWS Canada live
December 12, 2016 by Mary Allen

Amazon Web Services is live on Canadian soil! AWS' entre to the market is designed to meet Canadian business’ growing need for cloud services, while addressing their concerns for data sovereignty. With their hydro-rich Quebecois colocation services costing “less than the price of power" and fast, low-latency services, AWS is generating strong interest among customers who will migrate from corporate to local resources as well as with new prospects.

Amidst commodification and the ensuing price wars between infrastructure service providers, AWS is trying to differentiate by introducing thousands of new features and services to empower customers. Find out more of the “now and how” of AWS’s Canadian vision for digital transformation with a peek into CTO Alex Vogel’s crystal ball. Read more


Benjamin Alarie, CEO, Blue J Legal

AI driving legal insight
January 2, 2017 by Denise Deveau

While AI technologies have captured the public imagination in flashy autonomous vehicles or vision systems, startups like Blue J legal are now harnessing the business value of machine learning to support professional communities. Applying AI to Big Data, the company's Tax Foresight product automates case analysis enabling legal teams to quickly learn from thousands upon thousands of court judgments through simulations that provide insight into the actual outcome a judge might deliver.

Blue J legal simulation tools can accomplish in minutes what it could take legal firms weeks to achieve using less content and traditional methods. Find out more about the new product that CEO and co-founder Benjamin Alarie predicts will cause “an arms race for early adopters and fast followers.” Read more

dreamstime s 47877879-cloud-stairs

In Canadian cloud, plus ça change

December 19, 2016 by Mary Allen

With the acceleration of XaaS adoption in Canada, businesses face complicated decisions around sourcing and implementation. InsightaaS chief content officer Mary Allen sat down with VMware national director of systems engineering Peter Near to find out how VMware is helping customers navigate these decisions in the compute, security, storage and networking areas.

Find out how VMware is helping a variety of customers navigate potential conflicts between IT need for security and control and the line-of-business manager's need for speed to compete. Are Canadian businesses ready for the new game-changing processes that hybrid cloud can empower? How is VMware helping customers effect process and technology change? Read more


Lenovo Yoga Book Review
December 21, 2016 by Lynn Greiner

Lynn Greiner, takes a look at a new arrival to the skinny, light, shiny, and beautiful market of laptops and convertibles. Lenovo’s Yoga Book might appear to be a netbook, but this unconventional hybrid has many more interesting features. Where’s the keyboard? Since when do convertibles come with paper and ink? How do users juggle the accessories?

Most importantly, what can this machine do for users? Find out where Lenovo’s newest creation hangs in the balance between function and form. Read more

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