Welcome to the fourth edition of 'Ruminations' by John Salter. 'Ruminations' is a newsletter sharing my reflections on what ought to have been known - and done - about risk, and its management. Previous copies are available for your rumination here.


Why do people want to do "too much"?

Obvious and intentional exaggerations, especially those which evoke an image or use words that work well together, have leverage as useful devices to engage people.
One of my favourites, which appeals across cultures, is both good advice and a useful principle. It is "pole vaulting over mouse droppings". A similar sentiment is reflected in the more widely used “making mountains out of molehills”.

PoleVaultingMouseDroppings MountainMolehill

Avoid pole vaulting over mouse droppings

What appeals to me about these two “sayings” is their message of caution - focused on appreciating the value of exploring and understanding context. On the value of defining issues and opportunities properly.

I recommend applying this cautionary principle when thinking about “Exercise Management”. "Exercise Management" is first and foremost about exercising the right management. Second, it is about managing the right type of exercise. The trick is to identify objectives which focus on your need - the gap between where you are and where you need to be - then, and only then, to develop an appropriate, cost effective exercise.

Discussion-Based Training

Discussion based exercises - seminars, workshops and tabletops - will generally meet your needs. Cost effectively delivering "all that is necessary to be sufficient". Indeed, they are a good solution to avoid "pole vaulting over mouse droppings".

necessary and sufficient

Discussion based exercises - one of our most cost effective tools

Logo celebration parachutists

Given we are having fun launching our logo - why not do it with mates?

We are offering our products and services globally on the fiverr platform as it is accessible; accountable; and affordable for clients.

Three Services

Three tailored services we offer to support your needs

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