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A number of years before Vetanswers I worked in HR and also taught HR related units at TAFE but there was one area that I never really 'clicked' with - Annual Performance Reviews. They never really made much sense to me and NO one liked doing them. I much preferred the concept of continuous feedback, so I was really interested to read this week's guest blog post on 'The Stay Interview'. Dr Diederik Gelderman explains this relatively simple process that can not only improve your employee's level of engagement but also improve retention rates - so it's definitiely worth reading!

Have you entered in our draw to receive a FREE copy of Dr Alex Hynes new book: First Call For Dogs? It would be a great reference book in your reception area or a great giveaway to one of your clients. Click on the link below & add your details.

Also this week you'll find a blog post that suggests some steps to help you create a thriving, respectful culture in your veterinary business.

So, with a thriving, postive workplace culture and regular 'Stay Interviews' - I think you'll have some of the essential elements of a successful business!

Our aim is to help you - save time, connect & discover!

Enjoy your reading :)

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Hate performance reviews? What about using 'The Stay Interview' with your veterinary team? (Guest Post)

Let's be honest - NO one really enjoys performance reviews but what if there was a better way to improve engagement and reduce turnover? Find out why you should consider introducing 'The Stay Interview' instead.


Have you entered our FREE book giveaway?

Dr Alex Hynes new book: First Call For Dogs would be an awesome resource for your reception area OR you could use it as a giveaway for your clients.

We have one FREE copy to giveaway but entries close next Wednesday 7/11


CPD Opportunities....

Webinar: Managing Stress & Meditating - A Guide for Veterinary Professionals

Presented by Positive Psych Solutions & VetYogi

When: 10am (aest), Wednesday 7 November
Join psychologist, Dr Nadine Hamilton & veterinarian, Dr Chloe Hannigan as they discuss tips on managing stress levels and explore how meditation can give you the space you need in a world of busy.

Dental CPD AND Fundraiser...

Dental Bytes: Sunday Munch at the Pub - Fundraiser Education Day

Be part of the change you wish to see in the world

Enjoy the company of well known dental lecturers for a relaxing educational Sunday at the Pub:
When: Sunday 11 October
Where: Lord Stanley Hotel, East Brisbane

This is a charity fundraiser to help build a Vet Clinic in Nusa Penida, a remote island south of Bali.

There will be a Dry Lab Workshop:

▪ how to use& sharpen your dental kit,
▪ which instruments are invaluable,
▪ how to take dental x-rays
how to use& sharpen your dental kit,
which instruments are invaluable,
how to take dental x-rays

The lectures are provided by Veterinary Dental Members, accredited by passing stringent examinations in Oral Surgery and Dentistry of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and overseas:

▪ Dr Tony Caiafa
▪ Dr Nicole Hoskin
▪ Dr Elaine Cebuliak
▪ Dr Fiona McConnell
▪ Maggie Burley
Dr Tony Caiafa
Dr Nicole Hoskin
Dr Elaine Cebuliak
Dr Fiona McConnell
Maggie Burley

Seats are limited...


How's your workplace culture?

Managing toxic attitudes in your veterinary practice

Seven essential steps to create a thriving, respectful workplace culture

by Eve Ash (Smart Company)

Your workplace culture is everything! You can employ the best staff and pay them the highest salary, but if you have an unhealthy or toxic culture in your veterinary business, one of two things will happen. Your fantastic new employees will simply leave (they know they can get work elsewhere), or their performance will drop and their mental health will suffer.
"Stressful jobs in stretched organisations contribute to pressure-cooker workplace cultures."

Create a thriving, respectful culture

"All workplaces engender greater respect when achieve the following seven essentials."
1. Acknowledge the situation
2. Be mutually supportive
3. Recognise the stresses
4. Build morale through meaningful communication
5. Civility is a must
6. Treat people as adults
7. Know they are interdependent

Respect can only be earned — never demanded or commanded.

If you'd like to read more on improving a toxic culture - check out this Vetanswers Guest Blog Post by Dr Cathy Warburton:

Click here to readt: Don't let toxic attitudes poison your veterinary practice


Love Your Pet Love Your Vet Video #5: Describe some of the causes of veterinary distress

In this week's 2 minute video, Emeritus Professor Trevor Heath OAM discusses some of the causes of distress experienced by those working in the veterinary industry today.


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