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Dear Reader,

In this issue I share tips on how I'm coping with the current coronavirus pandemic. There's a short Youtube clip on how to protect your knees and a lovely clip on what kids think ab0ut their parents watching them play sport.

There's also an article on how to improve your balance and the usual Tai Chi tip and quote.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Coping In Uncertain Times


Image from Koran via Morguefile

The Coronavirus situation is certainly very serious and in these uncertain times I've found theses coping strategies have been very helpful for me.

1. Find out what is going on through reliable sources
2. Take all precautions necessary
3. Keep to a routine (I work from home)
4. Take time out from social media news
5. Breathe
1. Find out what is going on through reliable sources
2. Take all precautions necessary
3. Keep to a routine (I work from home)
4. Take time out from social media news
5. Breathe

Tai Chi Tip

Correct Alignment - crown of head & perineum in straight line


The Kua: Protect Your Knees


Master Wing Cheung demonstrates how to position the Kua (pelvis) when performing Chi Kung. This 7.08 clip also contains a demonstration of the 'difference of using your knees vs your Kua' (3.34).

It's a simple and effective technique to help protect your knees. I'm always conscious of the Kua whenever I practice my Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

And this awareness is important when practicing stationary postures that are held for a period of time.


Sports Kids


Here's a good chi news clip on what children think of their parents watching their sporting events.

This clip would have come in very handy if it had been available when I was coaching junior basketball teams a few decades ago!

I would have made sure every parent was invited to watch it. :)


How to Improve Your Balance


Image from Ardelflin via Morguefile

Sarah Maloney's article 8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance makes for interesting reading.

One of her tips is about taking a Tai Chi class and she writes 'a review of 18 trials including nearly 4,000 participants found that people participating in tai chi were less likely to fall than those who took part in basic stretching programs or made lifestyle changes'.


Latest News


Image from Pippaiou via Morguefile

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, all face to face programs are currently on hold.

Online alternatives are under development. I''m currently working on a program for sports coaches.

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