Shades of Summer

Hi Everyone,
after a U.K. heatwave and hottest summer solstice for over 40 years here's news of a series of exhibitions featuring some cool shadows.

‘Shadows of the Past‘, London


Triple composition ‘PSYNTIMATES‘ and ‘Nordi‘ Dish, tin-glazed earthenware, circa 1535


‘MYTHOS I‘, steelmesh, 2017


Large Etruscan type vase

105 New Bond Street, London
30th June – 7th July 2017.

I'd like to invite you to the forthcoming collaborative exhibition at ContiniArtUK.
Many thanks to Cristian Contini and Justin Raccanello from Bazaart for making this exhibition possible.
Shadows of the Past‘ is an exciting and very unusual collaboration for London Art Week combining artifacts from the past with contemporary sculpture. Camille Leprince and Justin Raccanello's choice is highly selective for quality, rarity and condition of each ceramic on show. I have created new sculpture (see banner above, detail of ‘BATHERS‘ 2017). for this joint exhibition inspired by a number of the renaissance ceramics presented by Bazaart.

For a last-minute invitation for the Private View please reply to me by email.


Summer Days


Suspended double sculpture ‘TUUSUM‘, bronze mesh

The Garden Gallery, Broughton, Hampshire.
18 May – 8 July ‘Making a Mark‘.

We had a great day out with Charles Boyd and family 8 Northumberland Avenue, Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, who drove us to the opening event in a vintage Ford Mustang convertible! On show is ‘TUUSUM‘ at the Rachel Bebb's The Garden Gallery, Broughton, near the ancient capital city of Winchester.


The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

An enchanting mixture of light and shade creates a fabulous setting for my two sculptures CIRCA and CIRCUM on show throughout the summer. I'm sorry we missed the Private View which drew the largest crowd ever for the event. The sculpture garden really is well worth a visit and we'll be dropping in later this summer.


‘CIRCA‘, ‘CIRCUM‘ and ‘SOLN‘ - bronze mesh sculpture


As Summer Fades


‘SHADOW‘ Exhibition Munich


‘ASPRA‘ - female torso in white painted bronzemesh will be exhibited in Munich amongst other wiremesh art.

Galerie Hegemann, Munich
13th October – 18th November 2017

In this Autumn solo exhibition featuring sculpture and painting the emphasis is on the representation and use of shadows in art. I will be exhibiting torso sculpture ‘ASPRA‘ along with other new artworks.
Thanks to Holger Hegemann for inviting me to exhibit in Munich once again this Autumn. More details to follow in my Autumn newsletter.


‘Shadows and Light‘ Exhibition


Steel Panel Sculpture ‘BNUWDSTILL‘ and ‘ASTILLNUWD‘

Art Byard, Cambridge
5th October – 5th November 2017

I'll be participating in ‘Shadows and Light‘, an exhibition focusing on artists who manipulate light to create dramatic effects and shadows. More news on this one too in my Autumn newsletter.


Cad & the Dandy jacket lining


‘An Eye for the Buoys‘ - Art Sail, based on steel panel sculpture ‘EVE‘

Here is the latest "eye catcher" from Michael Ross, Fine Art Sails, which features multiple images of the Olympic racing sail ‘An Eye for the Buoys‘, only this time not produced as a sail cloth but as lining for Michael Ross' unique new jacket created by Cad & the Dandy on Saville Row. I suggest he titles this one "All Eyes on Me"!

Michael is currently working on the next spectacular ArtSails event this Autumn for the Barcolana Regatta in Trieste, Italy.



It's difficult at times not to feel overshadowed by the political chaos and recent social tragedies but despite these dark clouds I hope you all have a great summer.


*Wiremesh kindly provided by
United Wire, Edinburgh


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