You are receiving this email because you either attending a previous NAWMA meeting and you signed up at This is the final editio


You are receiving this email because you either attending a previous NAWMA meeting and you signed up at This is the final edition of Tribal Utility News under our current cooperative agreement.

Newsletter #13 for November 2013

Eight Operators Receive New Tribal Utility Management Certification

Applicants for the Tribal Utility Management Certification-Level 1 (TUMC1) professional certification took the new certification exam during the open enrollment exam session, which had a time frame of August 26, 2013, to October 12, 2013. Through this application and examination process, a total of eight (8) Tribal utility personnel successfully earned the new professional certification (see list below).

Congratulations to:
* Robert Bajek, Utility Manager, Department of Public Works, Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico
* Justin Britton, Lead Operator, Tribal Utility Department/Water Association, Round Valley Indian Tribes, California
* Cathie Eisen, Wastewater/Water Operator, Mescalero Utility, Mescalero Apache Tribe, New Mexico
* Dawn Houghtaling, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Public Works, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
* Curtiss Martin, Development Supervisor, Big River Water Co., Colorado River Indian Tribes
* Arvind Patel, Water & Wastewater Director, Pueblo of Acoma Utility Authority, Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico
* Sharlene Phillips, Administrative Assistant, Pueblo of Acoma Utility Authority, Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico
* Michael Silva, Director, Public Works Department, Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico

The purpose of the Tribal Utility Management Certification-Level 1 (TUMC1) is to create a standardized pathway for Tribal water professionals to advance into and ascend through the field of water and wastewater utility management. The TUMC-1 is designed specifically for experienced Tribal water/wastewater utility professionals that are newly entering into utility program management.

The TUMC1 professional certification is a voluntary mechanism that can be used to strengthen one’s career as well as the credibility and integrity of Tribal water utility programs. The TUMC-1 professional certification was developed under a sub-award agreement between ITCA and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) network as part of the Tribal Utility Governance (TUG) project that is funded by the U.S. EPA.

The ITCA Tribal Water Systems Certification Database is being reprogrammed to accommodate the new certification and the successful applicants will soon receive their TUMC1 certifications. The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. will continue to make available the TUMC1 exam and certification to Tribal utility personnel during the 2014 calendar year. For more information, please contact the ITCA at (602) 258-4822.


Online Training Still Available for PUMT Certificate

TUG Brochure.pdf

Trainings from this year's Tribal Utility Governance program were recorded. You may view the trainings online and take pre- and post-tests to receive a Principles of Utility Management certificate. To be eligible you must complete all three training modules (including testing).

Module #1
Click here to take the pre-test.
Click here to watch the training.
Click here to take the post-test.

Module #2
Click here to take the pre-test.
Click here to watch the training.
Click here to take the post-test.

Module #3
Click here to take the pre-test.
Click here to watch the training.
Click here to take the post-test.

Note: The training session takes a minute to download and open. Be sure to Click on the security warning bar and the Download File command if they appear. Also when you get into the session you have to click on the Play icon at the bottom of the window.


Tribal Leaders Meet with Obama Administration

The 5th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference was held on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013. During the Summit, tribal leaders from across the nation convened in Washington, DC to discuss key tribal priorities with high-level members of the Obama administration. A briefing book was prepared for the conference, which also serves to help those not in attendance to understand the priorities, issues, and recommendations discussed. Click here to download.


Events for Tribal Water Systems

CRWUA 2013 Annual Conference

December 11-13, 2013 | Las Vegas, Nevada
Hosted by the Colorado River Water Users Association
This 3 day conference covers topics including Tribe information, reserved rights and settlements, engineering progress, individual state caucuses, future water system problems, climate change effects, and miscellaneous meetings along with entertainment and speakers. Besides these activities there will be an exhibit room open at assorted times over the course of the seminar.

NLC Grants Education - Developing Winning Proposals

December 12, 2013 | Webinar
Hosted by the Native Learning Center
Grant writing is as much an art as it is a science. When writing a grant application, it is important to have a clear understanding of both your program and the funder’s needs. This webinar will focus on developing a proposal that match the funder’s needs in a way that will increase a program’s chances of receiving funding.

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Search for Events

To find an event or training opportunity in your area, you can search's event calendar. Search by Category = Tribal to find events open to tribal operators only. Need help? Start by watching our video on how to search the database.


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Free Private Well Training Available

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Some tribal communities have individuals served both by the public water system and by private wells. The team behind has also developed a free online resource to educate private well owners about proper well care, water quality testing, and more.

The basis of is a free email class that shares bite-sized lessons one at a time over 10 weeks. More than 2500 private well owners, sanitarians and others who help well owners have signed up for the course.


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