Unity, Harmony, Acceptance ... I’m no journalist, columnist or expert writer; I’m just a woman with a passion for mentoring and motivating young girl


Unity, Harmony, Acceptance ...


I’m no journalist, columnist or expert writer; I’m just a woman with a passion for mentoring and motivating young girls.

One Sunday evening, I was searching the web for an inspirational story to blog about, and I stumbled upon Dell’s “Pay it Forward” initiative that was launched in June of this year. After watching their video, I was moved. I thought, I must blog about this ... in hopes of inspiring other women and/or helping by educating them on the program; an opportunity they may benefit from.

After blogging, to my surprise, our site received over a 2000% increase in views in 19 countries including, to name a few, the United States, Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand and Norway in less than 48 hours!

This only further solidifies my claim that women and girl empowerment is essential in today’s world. People crave this information; they embrace it. It’s fact that most women are the primary caregivers within the household. More and more corporations and organizations have gotten on board to support women empowerment initiatives. I am proud of such effort … we’ve come a long way since the 40s, 50s and even the 90s.

Dove, GoldmanSachs, Coca-Cola, Spanx, Walmart, Gucci, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Dell, countless celebrities and public figures ... it's great to have so much support assisting women with their quest to be successful. Through the Foundation, we mentor, mode and train our young girls; we enable them with the knowledge, confidence and self-esteem to apply for such programs.

There is such a lack of confidence and self-awareness amongst youth today, especially with young ladies, and that saddens us; it should sadden all of us!


It's #GirlPower! And, We're Talking About it Every Chance We Get :-)

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It may have appeared that we've been quieter than normal ... actually not! :-) We're working with our little STARs at Milliken Middle School in Sherman Oaks, CA. And, we're working with our teenage STARs throughout Southeast Michigan.

There is so much assistance and opportunities for young ladies/women, but we quickly realized how much their lack of self-esteem hindered their confidence and ability to apply for what they may qualify for.

Our first priority is to embrace the embracing of sisterhood and the uplifting of women and women empowerment. Through our #GirlPower initiative, we're using youth and peer influence via the ever-popular social networks in an effort to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated; where girls are more uplifting and empowering than humiliating and degrading.

We blog and talk about it every chance we get! They're reading, re-blogging, re-tweeting and sharing, oh my! :-) We're reaching the masses and loving it! Take a moment to read a few of our popular and informative blog posts below:

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We're Taking #GirlPower to Another Level!


From our first annual "Women of Power" Awards ceremony that was held in June of this year, to an uplifting and embracing movement via a social network take over; our girls will "run the world" with positive behaviors that ultimately radiate to and through their peers!

We have so much in store kicking off the new year; I am proud of our girls! You just wait, they'll show you, and you'll feel that positivity radiate! #GirlPower :-)


Be Thankful, Be Safe and Celebrate!

We may not have all our wants, wishes and desires, but we still have so much to be thankful for. S.T.A.R. wishes everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

And as always, thank you for your continued support!

Jennifer L. Payne, Founder


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