The Bane of Yoto - A Gritty Genre-Mash of Sci-Fi and Fantasy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 8, 2012 - Science-Fantasy Novel "The Bane of Yoto" writte

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The Bane of Yoto - A Gritty Genre-Mash of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

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The Bane of Yoto Novel


August 8, 2012 - Science-Fantasy Novel "The Bane of Yoto" written by author Joshua Viola with Nicholas Karpuk, released Summer 2012 has won multiple Book Awards and continues to engage new readers from various genres, including Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Gaming, Comic and Graphic Novel enthusiasts.

“Conan the Barbarian” meets “Star Wars!”

When a mythical dagger is plunged into his chest, Yoto is transformed from a meek member of an enslaved society into a monstrous beast fit to battle the gods. Will he use his power to free his people ... or annihilate them?

The Bane of Yoto” is a gritty genre-mash of science-fiction and fantasy fueled by imaginative ideas, dark magic and over-the-top action. Overflowing with strange technology and even stranger creatures, Yoto’s world is a new and original tale set on an alien landscape. The ultra-violent story blends sci-fi and fantasy genres together with a dash of terror that pays tribute to such rampaging classics as “Godzilla” and “The Incredible Hulk,” yet never forgets its powerful themes and iconic characters.

Yoto is a trans-media experience that offers numerous ways to explore its rich storyline, from the Paperback or eBook Novels, to a Free 3D Interactive Comic Mobile App forged by experienced game developers, Leviathan Games, of which Joshua Viola currently stands as Art Director, to a line of original merchandise, including toys, posters, apparel and more. The Bane of Yoto franchise features art by Nick Runge (IDW), Steve Scott (DC Comics) and Tyler Kirkham (DC and Marvel).

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Praise for The Bane of Yoto:

"...Exciting Sci-Fi Adventure..."
- Steve Alten, New York Times Bestselling Author

"...A Gritty Genre-Mash of Sci-Fi and Fantasy...Refused To Be Ignored."
- JC Hutchins, Author of 7th Son: Descent and Personal Effects: Dark Art

The Bane of Yoto has already received prestigious book awards from the New York Book Festival and Hollywood Book Festival.

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