Preamble to an Advertisement Before I settle into the numbing repetitious patterns of my "news"letter, I want to take this moment to thank all the fo


Preamble to an Advertisement

Before I settle into the numbing repetitious patterns of my "news"letter, I want to take this moment to thank all the folks that have ‘backed’ my new album. Big thanks to Randall, David, Betsy, Aunt Joannie/Uncle Bruce, John/Pharaby, Michael, Arlon, Jeff, Sharron ,Steve/Cindy, Em, Kathi/Kenny, Clay/Meredith, Jamey/Katren, Jon/Monica, and of course, Oliver/Corrie,. I’m assuming spouses to be co-sponsors.

Executive Summary

A captain of industry

Written with the busy industry captain in mind, the ‘executive summary’ contains the essence of this pamphlet.

The Comfort Quest Kickstarter campaign is 27.3% fulfilled. There are fifteen days left for pledging. The campaign needs more backers; to help out, please share my fundraiser with your Facebook network or anyone who you think might be interested in listening to my new album.
Dax is on board to help make a video for Food Stamp Party.
I’ve released a couple of fresh musical recordings (My Heroes Have Always Been Singers and Love is a Burden) from my apartment in New Orleans.

Fundraising Season

The Kickstarter campaign I set up is 27.3% funded now. Fifteen days left to pledge folks (nudge, nudge). Also, just as a reminder, this is a chance to simply buy a copy of the album. For $9, I'll email you the entire album to load onto your MP3 player...

There are other ways to show support beyond pledging money toward the fundraiser. One simple way is to share the Kickstarter link with your pals (the real ones or the virtual ones) and encourage them to check out/support my music.

Also, Dax Martinez-Vargas has agreed to help produce a music video for Comfort Quest. Dax is half of the Sniper Twins, who have made some really good stuff.

Fresh Videos

Here are a couple of videos I’ve thrown up on the Youtubes recently. More to come.

My Heroes Have Always Been Singers

Love is a Burden

Both of these were recorded in my New Orleans apartment.

New Orleans is One Big Party

It can’t be all about the online-life.

Folks, though it’s Fundraising Season everywhere else, it’s Parade Season in New Orleans, and people from all over have descended on this strange city to drink and watch the floats float down Canal St.

To service their musical needs, I’ve joined the ranks of street musicians and have been parking myself on the streets of the French Quarter to play my music.

New Orleans allows people to party out in the open, and as a result, during Mardi Gras all the French Quarter fills up with friendly drunk people drinking and partying in the streets. And so I ask: what’s a party without music?

Because there's no satisfying answer to the question, this dutiful singer-songwriter steps in to fill the void. Happy Mardi Gras!

Upcoming Shows

Come to a cd-release! Austin at the Whip-in, March 3. San Angelo at the Black Swan, March 1. And Galveston (c’mon Houstonians) at the Old Quarter, March 7.

Closing Statement

Please pardon the repetition and spin. I just want to let y’all know that I wouldn’t employ the harsh techniques of advertisers if I didn’t think the cause worthy…

Thanks for reading my “news”letter!

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