Free Speech and the Ten State Capitol Doghouse Tour Free speech is alive and well...well, until it isn't. DDB Volunteer Coordinator Shari Strader has


Volunteers chained to doghouses last year in Tempe Arizona

Free Speech and the Ten State Capitol Doghouse Tour

Free speech is alive and well...well, until it isn't. DDB Volunteer Coordinator Shari Strader has been hard at work obtaining permits for myself and other animal advocates to hit the Capitol steps in PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, CT, RI, MA, NH, and NY. Pennsylvania let me/us sit on their steps for 54 days, how hard can one day be at each of these states, one wonders? A few say we can only be there for an hour or two, and NY even demands insurance, even though their rules expressly state you don't need it if it interferes with free speech. I spoke to a very kindly officer and pressed for an answer to what they do if someone just shows up in the practice of free speech, and the answer was "THEY MAKE IT WORK". So, my plan is to MAKE IT WORK to the very best of my ability, and practice free speech in advocating for better laws to the best of my ability. I will arrive sharply at 8 a.m. or before, and do my best to get the word out in whatever way possible in each of these states. Care to join me for an exciting ten day romp starting next Monday in my old stomping grounds of Pennsylvania? See you then!

Remember, chained dogs don't get to experience FREEDOM as you and I know it. They don't get the chance to run, to play, to cuddle, to know human love. Most importantly, they don't have the voice to say "I DON'T WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE. Please Stop."

We have to be this voice for them. Will you? —Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO, Dogs Deserve Better

Join the 33 People Taking the Stand for Chained Dogs!

Please, support the cause. This IS OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR! If you can't do a Chain Off, please support those who are by sponsoring them and the event.

Our goal is $30,000, and so far we've raised $5,000 toward our goal. Show us you believe in our work by sponsoring those willing to stand in their paws. Thank you!


Register or sponsor today from this link. Thank you for helping chained dogs!


See How Your Donations Help Chained Dogs

Bear was a formerly chained dog that was rescued by a new VA based pittie rescue, but they didn't have the funding to get him the needed surgery for his leg. Yesterday we received this note and photo. "Just wanted to give you an update on Bear....He is doing AWESOME. He is starting to get back to his old silly self. He walks, runs, and plays like he doesn't miss the leg at all.

I really appreciate all your efforts in helping raise the money needed for his surgery. You [Tami] are the one who said to me "every dog deserves better, and he deserves a chance." Without you this would not have been possible and he would have been euthanized. Bear and I are forever grateful to you and Dogs Deserve Better.

He is an awesome dog who gets along with all people, cats and dogs. He had a rough start in life but might even make a great therapy dog (after training) for people who have had an amputation or who are going through cancer since he has survived both. Thank you!" —Rhonda Forbes, Depend-a-Bull Rescue. If you want to adopt Bear, e-mail us at and we'll pass your info along to Rhonda.


Goodbye to Patchie, DDB Missouri Foster Dog and Mascot

By Melody Whitworth

Goodbye to Patchie Watchie! This is the story of Patchie, a 10 year old Border Collie mix who spent his entire life on a chain until one day he was noticed. I spotted this dog chained out in the extreme heat of summer. I certainly thought...he deserves better! I continued home, filled my car with fresh water, DDB literature, food, treats, a collar and a leash and preceded back to the property. I found the owner out mowing his lawn and it looked like he would literally drop to the ground any minute it was so hot. I pulled in the drive way, he shut off the mower and I offered him a cold bottle of water. We chatted for about 20 minutes about the heat, how fast the grass grows, etc, etc. Then, when finally I said "can I tell you why I'm really here"? His face became puzzled....Read More on our In Memory Page

Supporters Report their Own Good News

"I found a small dog (9 pounds) on the side of the road one Christmas Eve. I went around a couple of days later to find her home. I found an elderly lady that she belonged to. The lady told me that she usually was chained in the backyard but had broken her collar. She said she was going to go buy a new collar. I went back to check on the little dog and the lady had wrapped the chain around Angel's neck, chaining her back outside. I saw no sign of a dog house. Only a small metal building with a lean-to. The lean-to had a bunch of stuff under so the little dog barely had room to get under it. I was able to rescue her, and Angel is now living in a very upscale neighbor with some four-legged friends and is INSIDE!!!! Angel also has a big, shady backyard to run around in when she and her friends do go outside. At least here is one more that is no longer outside on a chain." —Jeannette Barnes

"Some good news in our of our neighbors who has always kept his 2 dogs chained or penned has just fenced off a nice sized area for the dogs. Yahoo! He doesn't believe in bringing dogs in the house, but at least they aren't living at the end of a chain any longer. We don't know why this sudden change, but we're all greatly relieved. For now, I'm thankful the chains are gone." —Mary, Brooksville FL

Delaware Anti-Chaining Legislation Goes to House for Vote this Week

sheila's chained dog

All these guys deserve better laws! Learn how to move on legislation in your area by visiting our Get Laws page. Click the picture to learn more.

Please voice your support of Senate Bill 211 which will make continuous tethering (chaining) of dogs illegal! SB 211 has passed the Senate and House Judiciary Committee. It will go to the House this week for vote. Please call your State Representative and let them know you want to unchain Delaware's dogs! Learn more at:

Our Sixth Sticker in the Series Features Scooby


Our sixth sticker features a Missouri dog named Scooby, who was rescued by rep Melody Whitworth, and today lives a wonderful life in a wonderful family. That's what we wish for ALL chained dogs!

The most glorious thing about displaying animal advocacy stickers is that you just don't know how many lives you may change. Everyone, absolutely everyone, reads stickers, it's human nature. You may actually get a dog off chains or out of a pen just by putting these on a piece of mail! Taking such a small step could make a very large difference in a dog's life. To purchase yours, visit this link:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Tamira Thayne is the founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, and has spent well over 700 hours chained to a doghouse in order to advocate for America's chained dogs.

You'll never know how grateful I am for each and every one of you who has supported our mission and our work for chained dogs this past ten years. The truth is there's no way we could keep going without your support. I appreciate you.

I'd like to ask you to sponsor one of my fellow chainees this Chain Off. I know they're nervous about taking this stand with me, and I so admire them for their courage and devotion to the dogs. If you can sponsor one of them, it would make their day, and mine.

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Thank you!

Tamira Thayne, DDB CEO and Founder