Relaunch and Call for Papers We are pleased to announce that In Silico Biology is now a journal devoted exclusively to biological systems modeling an

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Relaunch and Call for Papers


We are pleased to announce that In Silico Biology is now a journal devoted exclusively to biological systems modeling and simulation, and we invite researchers working in this rapidly growing field to submit original research manuscripts for publication and proposals for reviews and special issues.

In Silico Biology has a new editorial team composed of internationally recognized, leading researchers in quantitative systems and synthetic biology, and aims to become one of the leading journals of research on modeling and simulation in these areas. We offer:

Immediate online publication upon acceptance
Rapid editorial decisions
Traditional in-print publication
No publication fee
Low Open Access fee

Open Access fee will be waived for all manuscripts submitted in response to this call

About the Journal
In Silico Biology is a scientific research journal for the advancement of computational models and simulations in studies of complex biological phenomena. We publish peer-reviewed leading-edge biological, biomedical and biotechnological research in which computer-based (i.e., "in silico") modeling and analysis tools are developed and applied to generate new knowledge about biological systems dynamics, their design and control and their evolution.

Studies published in In Silico Biology generally use mechanistic models to gain quantitative insights into molecular processes regulatory networks, cell physiology and morphology, tissue dynamics and organ systems. Specific areas of interest include signal transduction and information processing, gene expression and gene regulatory networks, metabolism, differentiation and morphogenesis, among others.

Submission of Papers
Authors are requested to submit their manuscript to For detailed instructions to authors, check our website

Advisory Board
* Dennis Bray, University of Cambridge, UK
* Roland Eils, University of Heidelberg, Germany
* Hiroaki Kitano, The Systems Biology Institute, Japan
* Michael Mackey, McGill University, Canada
* John Tyson, Virginia Tech, USA
* Hans Westerhoff, University of Manchester, UK

* Mads Kaern, University of Ottawa, Canada


For the complete Editorial Board, visit our website:

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