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Newsletter #102 for November 20, 2012

Water & Wastewater Utility Operation and Maintenance Training for Small, Rural Systems

EPA has developed a series of web-based training modules on maintaining and operating small wastewater and drinking water treatment systems. This information is geared toward system operators and managers in Indian country, and could be of benefit to anyone operating and maintaining a small water or wastewater system.

The training modules are based on a series of 11 in-person training workshops that EPA held across the country for federally recognized tribes, Alaska Native Villages, and U.S. Territories in 2011-2012, which provided instruction on how best to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain small wastewater and drinking water systems.

Topics include:

Sewer System Overview
Lift Station Overview
Overview of Lagoon System Management
Decentralized Wastewater Systems
Providing and Protecting Potable Water
Drinking Water Distribution System Management
Storage Tank Management
Asset Management Overview
Techniques for Developing a Rate Structure
Water and Wastewater Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Case Studies

Click here to visit the O&M training modules.


While We Were Away

With our limited staff, there isn't much time to go around these days. Two weeks ago we sent out the second edition of Tribal Utility News. Last week we put the finishing touches on the website for a new project, a training program for private well owners called The Private Well Class. Our current funding from EPA, via our partner RCAP, is directed towards these two activities.

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Small Talk: Outreach Tip of the Week

Publicize and recommend simple tools customers can use to stay updated with emergency situations.
Each week, we offer a quick tip to help you educate the public and communicate more effectively with local decision makers and customers.


Video of the Week

In each week's newsletter, we highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video is also featured on our home page during the week. Visit our archive for past features.

This public education video is a timely resource to share with those in your community. It explains water quality challenges and simple ways to protect the watershed.


After the Storm


Weekly Reading for November 20, 2012

Each week we share a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

Government Accountability Office affirms federal arrangement of EPA and USDA programs for water infrastructure funding - In our last newsletter, we linked to an article that has since been retracted. This article better explains the content of the GAO report.
Utilities helping utilities in Sandy aftermath - This video from AWWA highlights how the WARN network has aided utilities impacted by the recent hurricane. You can read more detailed reports here.
2012 Value of Water Index - A follow-up to the 2010 ITT study highlights how Americans feel about their water and their willingness to pay for infrastructure upgrades.
USDA Funds Upgrade Storm Sirens in Four Rural Minnesota Communities - This case study highlights emergency preparedness needs of rural communities.
How We Feel About Water Reuse in America - This infographic from GE Water shares some statistics on US perceptions of water recycling.
USDA Rural Development relies on web tools to build relationships with Native Americans - Technology allows federal agencies to improve communication with tribes.
Water History Can Strengthen AWWA Sections - This essay proposes that retired operators and industry professionals are overlooked assets. We've heard this from SmallWaterSupply.org readers as well.
Water Supply in a Warming World - New study shows that increased groundwater recharge may offset some effects of climate change on water supplies.
Rural Communities Behind without Broadband Service - As an online educator serving small communities, we were keenly interested in this data.
Mapping Change, Preserving Continuity - This nice essay from EPA's Region 7 administrator reminds us how maps bridge the past, present and future.

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November 28 - WEF: UV for High Level Disinfection in Water Reuse
This webcast will cover updates to the NWRI guidelines, UV technologies for reuse, and utility perspectives for using UV disinfection and dual disinfection.

Want to find additional training opportunities for operators, including events in your area? Search the SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar for more online and in-person events.

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