Greetings, CruzFit Challengers! It’s Week #2 and we hope that you're all well-rested after the 3-day weekend, ready to continue cruising right along

Greetings, CruzFit Challengers!
It’s Week #2 and we hope that you're all well-rested after the 3-day weekend, ready to continue cruising right along with the program! Congratulations, again, on making the best decision of the year and joining the CruzFit revolution! Now that you've integrated wellness into your life, try spicing it up even more by adding some variety to your activities. Here's a simple and effective principle to follow when trying to get FITT...

VARIETY is the spice of exercise, too.


In order to tap into your body's amazing ability to improvie fitness, you need to periodically challenge your body in new and more demanding ways. An easy way to remember the 4 main ways you can add VARIETY to your exericse program is the F.I.T.T. principle.

Every few weeks, try making a change to your fitness routine by altering 1-2 of these parameters:

FREQUENCY. Try changing the number of workouts or activites you perform each week. If you typically exericse twice a week, try adding a third day of activity into your routine.
INTENSITY. Try performing your exercise at slightly higher level of intensity or effort. You can guage your intensity subjectivly by how hard it feels, or you can use objective forms of measurement like a heart-rate monitor (most of the cardio machines in the Wellness Center already have this integrated into them) or a stopwatch (try walking/running the same route in a little shorter time).
TIME. Try increasing the duration of your activity by 10-20%. If your normal workout is a 30-minute swim, try adding an extra 5-minutes at the end.
TYPE. (This one is the MOST FUN to alter!) Try doing a different kind of activity. As this year's CruzFit logo alludes to, there is a huge diversity of fitness and recreational activities at your fingertips her at UCSC and throughout Santa Cruz. Building up a large repertuar of exercise options keeps fitness fun and exciting, and decreases the temptation to skip workouts because of boredom, poor weather, or lack of access to equipment or facilities.

So, challenge yourself to add some variety to your exericse this week by altering one of these areas of your exercise routine. Use the FITT principle to get fit, CruzFit!

Check out these links for some great options for new TYPES of activities available to you right here at UCSC:
* UCSC Recreation Programs
* UCSC Intramural Sports
* FREE Employee/Retiree Fitness Classes

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