JUST ARRIVED IN OUR SHOP! The British Invasion ( http://www.hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/riley_blake_designs_house_designer/_rb_british_invas

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Just Arrived in Our Shop!

British Invasion Poster

The British Invasion continues! Jack is back and he's got some jolly good novelty designs with him. This new line from Riley Blake features double-decker buses, palace guards, royal crowns, and even the lions in Trafalgar Square. Set your clock to Big Ben, grab a spot of English Tea and you'll be dreaming up some jolly good sewing projects in no time. For starters, head over here for pattern info on the bag, quilt, and dress seen above! We have the line available in yardage and lots of pre-cut options!


Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

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Lindsay and Charlie

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