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Just Arrived in our Shop!

Folk Tale Poster

Natalie Lymer's new Folk Tale for Lecien Fabrics of Japan is a journey of the imagination. Natalie asks us to shut our eyes, and see with the eyes of a child. She writes:

"The elfin girls with long eye lashes are back again after so many fell in love with them in Woodland, this time they are walking through an aviary collecting bird cages and letting the little feathered folk free. The hexagon mosaic print reminds me of walking through a valley of hexagon flowers with scattered birds, both blissful & peaceful all at once. The cuckoo clock symbolizes the time, both how precious it is and how fast it moves in an ordinary and simple folk tale....much like regular life. The wee animal folk, you ask? – porcupines and deer are the friends we meet on the journey, fall in love with them & your heart will sing forever."

This line will make for darling quilts, wondrous decor, and the sweetest springtime dresses!


Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

Happy Sewing,
Lindsay and Charlie

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