Issue 13.6 NEW FLAVOR LAUNCH! You asked for a naturally sweetened version of Kill Cliff and here it is. A new flavor that has Double the Awesomeness

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Issue 13.6


You asked for a naturally sweetened version of Kill Cliff and here it is. A new flavor that has Double the Awesomeness as the Tasty, with stevia. Best of all, it's still packed with all the same anti-inflammatory supporting and recovery ingredients as the original flavor and gluten free. Stay tuned on social media and be checking your inboxes for deals and special opportunities to pre-order this upcoming week. Available soon but limited initial supplies. We don't want to give too much else away right now but what we will say is that it's RED.

Speaking of "red" check out the CFNE Team above sporting their Kill Cliff branded competition shirts. They'll be heading out to Carson in July once again to compete in the CrossFit Games Finals as will many of our Brand Ambassadors. Even if you aren't going back to Cali to compete, congrats to all of you that did so in the Regionals. We had a blast meeting all the athletes, fans, friends and families around the country these past five weeks and hearing your stories. We will be pitching a tent in Carson too so if you didn't see us in your neck of the woods come check us out there. New flavor will be on hand to sample!

Alright let's get to the juicy bits...

Kill Cliff Ingredient 3 - Ginseng

Ginseng Root

I know this looks like hay but trust me, it's ginseng

by Chuck and Vanessa Bennington

We've now looked at how the Tasty is packed full of green tea and ginger root to help fight inflammation and turbocharge your recovery (in case you missed all that you can read up about it here and here). But the "Nectar of the WODs" is overflowing with even more badass ingredients to keep up your A-Game. How about some ginseng root powder?

The active compound in ginseng is known by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry as 6,20-Bis(β-D-glucopyranosyl)-(3β,6α,12β,20S)-3,6,12,20-tetrahydroxydammar-24-ene. Sorry you lost me at "chemistry"... That might as well be written in hieroglyphics.

Here's what you need to know. Ginseng has been a major player in Eastern medicine for a very long time and now it's getting some time in the modern medicine spotlight. Recently a team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong broke ginseng down into its separate constituents to identify what parts play a role in managing inflammation. Long story short, 78% of what's active in that bad boy battles inflammation. And in 2011 some folks at Yeungnam University demonstrated ginseng's ability as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative in human tissue samples. That's as real as it gets!

So, what else? How about ginseng having the potential to inhibit the inflammation-to-cancer sequence, suppress tumors, and also protect your actual DNA? That's right, better workout recovery, while also fighting cancer and keeping your unique snowflake of a DNA strand safe. Awwww sh*t dawg.

Kill Cliff on the Town

PROOF - Kill Cliff - The Bury Banner

More and more these days people are asking for Kill Cliff at their local bars. Why? Because it mixes AWESOMELY (yes we made that word up) with booze. And it's even been rumored to mitigate hangovers. We can neither confirm nor deny that claim. But you are free to test that theory yourself. So we thought it time to highlight some of our big supporters out there on the bar scene. First up - The Bury.

The Bury is a hotspot in the party friendly college town of Athens, GA, home of the the UGA Bulldawgs and recently voted the number one college town in the country on Bleacher Report. Kill Cliff started selling there a few months ago. Coincidence? I think not. The Bury has been aboard the AWESOME train for nearly a year and have developed a cult following with one of their specialty cocktails - the "New Fashion." No Athenian worth their salt can pass up the mixture of Virgil Kaine ginger-infused Kentucky Bourbon (with a hint of Vanilla) and Kill Cliff. These two go together like clean and jerk (in whatever context you may use that expression). The bar is run by a guy named Charlie Hustle (how cool is that?) and always delivers a good time, on time. If you find yourself in his neck of the woods then check them out and order a New Fashion and see why they are cooler than you.

Gear Promo


Most of you have probably checked out our new site by now. Kill Cliff by the 8-Pack! But did you also know we have new swag and accessories? And we are adding to the inventory all the time.

So just in case you haven't gotten a chance to sport our new "Test Positive for Awesome" or "PR Juice" shirts, here's a little encouragement...

Order between now and midnight this Sunday with the code KCSWAG and get 20% off all apparel and accessories when purchasing 1 or more cases of Kill Cliff!

Kill Cliff Partners with SEAL Multi

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Made with real bits of SEAL. So you know it's good.

About a year ago, we started taking the SEAL Multi product here at KC HQ, and we all unanimously agreed it was a great product. One of our guys who has never been able to take multi-vitamins says it is the first multi-vitamin he could take that didn't upset his stomach. So being that the owner of SEAL Multi is a SEAL and we also have a few of them around we worked out a deal and now we have added the SEAL Multi product to our online store. We will also be helping to manage the growth of the brand.

It's not often when you have two companies that both have the express objective of donating to the Navy SEAL Foundation, so anything we can do at Kill Cliff to help grow both the Foundation and a company that supports it is in all of our best interests. Check out SEAL Multi now on our site!

Which reminds us, we will again be supporting the annual Aaron Vaughn Memorial Frogman Swim (Operation 300) on June 29th in Jensen Beach, FL with cans of the Tasty and the finish line. Click on the image below to learn more.


Forging the heart of a warrior

What's in a Name?

So where does the name "Kill Cliff" come from anyway? It's a question we get a lot. Sorry folks but we prefer to keep the truth a secret. The stories most of you make up are way more entertaining. But just to get you thinking here is something it might mean:

What does a "cliff" stand for in your mind? For many it represents fear. The unknown. Peering down into the abyss. One wrong step and off you go. Is it safe below? Potentially only a leap of faith will bring the answer. For others it's a goal. Something to ascend to. The peak, the apex, the zenith. A place you've never gone to and you won't be satisfied until you get there. So you keep climbing and pushing higher, farther, and faster. Either of these options represent an obstacle. So whether it sparks trepidation or inspiration it stands in your way. What is it for you? Your cliff. We've all got at least one. You've just got to go out there and kill it...

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The Kill Team