Welcome to October! It's going to be an excting month... This month of October will be a powerful time of integration, re-birthing, reconnection and

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Welcome to October! It's going to be an excting month...

This month of October will be a powerful time of integration, re-birthing, reconnection and realization of higher dimensional energies. An elevation in consciousness will occur aallowing you the ability to see into your own future as well as connecting to the higher realms in ways that have not been available before. We have left many of the lower dimensional energies and paradigms behind, moving collectively into a higher energy. Rejoice!

Change is happening and it is completely up to you how this change will occur. Will you embrace it, Or will you drag your heels? The choice is yours. If you find that you are resisting change, ask for help! The veil is thinning tremendously especially as we draw closer to the end of the month. This means your ability to reach, connect and communicate with the etheric realm is going to increase.

Expect powerful emotional and physical symptoms as outdated paradigms and patterns continue to be released. This is also occurring Globally as Gaia is experiencing the same fluctuations as we. Old energies are being released that will fuel our reconnection and our awareness's to know that we are all one.

This is month when resets and restarts will occur simultaneously and consistently culminating at months end when Mercury becomes retrograde. As Mercury grinds to a halt, He will reinforce the global reset that will take place as October comes to a close and we re-awaken into November.

An Important note: Some may experience the entire month of October as release and reset, therefore not allowing you to realize any growth until November.

October is a special month not only astrologically and numerologically, but most importantly it is the most magical month of the entire year! Our ability to manifest our hearts desires and dreams increases this month. In addition, October allows us a glimpse into what we can expect in the next year. Pour all of your energy into your efforts this month as your labors will continue to pay well into next year.

All of this change additionally translates into a greater capacity to heal and be healed. In addition, you will be able to co-create your reality from your hearts desires. By manifesting from the heart, you are truly co-creating with your Divine Self as your partner and not your ego. Your ego seeks only to remind you of what you do not have, leaving you wanting more of what you do not have. I promise what your heart can envision and manifest for you is far greater than anything you could possibly create through your ego. Dare to dream big and ask for your heart to lead the way.

It may be difficult for some of you to see how your efforts have impacted us all and added to our Ascension. Our attention is continuously refocused to individual events that bring fear into our existence. I encourage you to broaden your vision to see the whole picture and not look under the microscope and see every little fire that continues to erupt on the earth.

There are 2 events that were specifically impacted and indeed changed by the will of the people.

One event was the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis. In my last message, I mentioned that that dark ones were making concessions in order to continue to reside in our reality and this Papal event was one of those concessions.

The second event was the imminent war in the Middle east. So many humans poured Light into this "situation" that you were able to completely dissolve it, for now. It may resurface under a different guise but if it does, you will once again rise to the occasion empowered by your previous victory, easily extinguishing the fire. Fires continually erupt but humanity, spurred by Her inter-collective Light will work tirelessly and successfully to douse the flames of darkness.

This would not be possible without the interconnection that you all are not only re-awakening to but using to forge change. It is solely through our collective efforts that we are able to enact true and tangible change. This in of itself, is proof that we are collectively powerful.

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This image should bring you peace... It is a representation of the golden ration, the foundation for all life on this Planet. It is perfection in numbers as well as a doorway to the higher realms both inner an outer. By healing yourself, you come closer to claiming your Divine Light, your Sacred Light. That part of YOU that you long to be reconnected with. This is the power of the month of October, the tenth month of the year. She will enhance an integration, a rebirthing and a reinventing of the You that was meant to be.

"I NOW reclaim All that is afforded me under my Divine Birthrights. I declare that My Divine Blueprint and Divine Potential be activated NOW as mandated by my Divine Birthrights. I easily and effortlessly release all that hinders the activation of my Divine Potential and my Divine Blueprint. This shall be done throughout my entire lineage and being; past present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time space and dimension. So be it, Amen.."

This declaration will allow you to attract what you need in order to make it so. After saying this declaration, pay attention to what is offered to you. So often you ask for assistance but fail to open the door when opportunity knocks. Most powerful this statement is on 30, 31, 22, 21 of October and November 1, 2013.

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Gaia is re-awakening and along with you, reasserting Divine POWER.

I again encourage you to focus on the whole and remember, by elevating yourselves, YOU ELEVATE EVERYTHING. We are all interconnected and although you may not remember or be able to envision this now, it is the truth. You cannot heal yourself and have that healing end with you, it will vicariously extend to us all.

When you become mired in the 3-D ask that your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions be elevated to the highest frequency possible. This will raise your being out of the quagmire and assist in seeing the full picture.

My Love and Blessings to All,
Jack, The Watcher