Dear B-Section Students: Welcome back to Kettering! We hope you had an enjoyable and productive work term and are eager to return to campus -- to stu

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Dear B-Section Students:

Welcome back to Kettering! We hope you had an enjoyable and productive work term and are eager to return to campus -- to study and learn, reconnect with your friends and live a full life.

While you were away, we undertook several initiatives that will enrich your collegiate experience and, we think, add to the Kettering Advantage. Read all about them below.


Einstein Bros. Bagels manager Nick Moorehead, Neal Hegarty, vice president of programs for the C.S. Mott Foundation, Flint Chief of Police Alvern Lock, Kettering President Robert K. McMahan and Flint Mayor Dayne Walling cut the ribbon in front of Einstein Bros. Bagels and the Flint Police Service Center on March 22.

University Corner: Einstein Bros. Bagels and Flint Police Department Blue Badge Service Center

Our new eatery, Einstein Bros Bagels, opened March 1 and has been packed ever since. It offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch menu items, plus specialty coffee drinks and other delicious libations. The café is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., seven days a week. Students may use their meal plans, B.J. Bucks and Kettering Cash at Einstein Bros. We recommend you check out what Einstein Bros Bagels has to offer as soon as you get settled in.

A new Flint Police Department Blue Badge Service Center, adjacent to Einstein Bros Bagels, also opened while you were away. The center provides working space for FPD officers, as well as a place for members of the Kettering community and our neighbors to obtain assistance with a variety of safety and security matters. Volunteers operate the center, which is currently open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hours will be extended as soon as we recruit more volunteers. Take advantage of this community service opportunity by volunteering your time; however much you have to offer. To volunteer, visit the Blue Badge website where you can learn more about the program and complete an application. Applications are also available in the Student Life office.

Read more about Einstein Bros. Bagels.


A rendering of what renovations at B.J.'s Lounge will look like when completed.

B.J.'s Lounge renovations

Walk through the first floor of the Campus Center and you will see that renovations to B.J.’s are well underway. Over the next 2+ months, the space will be transformed into a vibrant student center where you will be able to socialize, play games, watch television and attend a variety of events -- concerts by local bands, comedy shows, etc. Also, food will be available into the overnight hours. B.J.’s grand opening takes place on Friday, May 17, when we will also begin a weekend of Homecoming celebrations.

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Homecoming - May 17-19, 2013

Homecoming will kick-off with a celebration of Professor Reg Bell’s 200th consecutive teaching term on May 17. Join the festivities with all of Professor Bell’s “favorite students,” who he began teaching in 1964! Homecoming will include a car show and tailgate party. Students may enter their favorite cars. See the homecoming website for further information and a complete schedule of events.


Safety and Security

Revisit our safety and security tips so you protect yourselves and your belongings in your environment. If you live off campus, compare the safety and security features of your residence to those listed here. If your rental unit doesn’t meet these minimum standards, contact the property owner and request changes be made immediately. Contact Campus Safety Chief Jim Benford at (810) 762-9899 or if you have any questions about the safety and security of your residence. Chief Benford and a Flint Police Officer will visit your residence and carry out a security check, upon request.

Kettering University Alerts

Sign up for Kettering Alerts, if you haven’t already done so. These voice, text and email messages will keep you informed on critical news and information during campus emergencies, including weather-related closures. Kettering Alert is the most effective method we have to communicate with you during emergencies so it’s important you get in the loop. Visit this website to sign up.

Emergency Contact Information

The beginning of a new term is a great time to make sure we have up-to-date emergency contact information for all students. We never use this information unless it’s absolutely necessary to ensure your safety and security and you cannot make contact yourself. Please check yours by logging in to BannerWeb/Personal Information/View Emergency Contact.


Help us ensure that only those with a properly registered and permitted vehicle have access to our campus. Make sure any vehicle your park on campus is properly registered, that your parking permit is clearly visible from the outside, and that you park in student-designated spaces. This new permit policy, which we introduced last summer, has eliminated nearly all vehicular break-ins on campus so we all have much to gain by complying. Visit the website for more information about obtaining a permit, as well as complete information about parking regulations.

Get to know your professors

Kettering University professors love to teach—that’s why they’re here. Get to know yours by stopping by during office hours or staying after class to chat. Your professors will help you now by making sure you get what they’re teaching and later, when you’re job hunting or applying to graduate schools. They all have extensive contacts that can make a big difference in shaping your future.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Real men and women ask for what they need. Take advantage of Kettering University faculty and staff knowledge and expertise, and the resources we provide, so you have all the tools you need to succeed now. We’ll help you tackle current challenges, and set you up for a lifetime of success as you learn to ask for help when you need it. Contact the Wellness Center (; (810) 762-9650) or the Academic Success Center (; (810) 762-9775) to learn how you can get the tools you need to succeed.

Take advantage of Academic Success Services

Don’t wait until the middle or end of the term to take advantage of Kettering University’s Academic Success Services. There’s no time like now to master time management, line up a tutor, or get advice on completing your academic program. Stop by the Academic Success Center (ASC) and meet Dr. Natalie Candela and her staff—trained and experienced advisers who work with students at all levels. The ASC is located on the third floor of the Academic Building. You may also contact the advisers at or by phone at (810) 762-9775.

Lead a balanced life, lead a happy life

Right now, before you get too busy, make a commitment to leading a balanced life: study hard, sleep enough, eat right, get some exercise, have some fun. Studies show that students who do lead balanced lives get better grades now and enjoy greater success later. Master “balanced life” traits now so that you enjoy the kind of successes—academic, professional, and personal—that will bring you happiness.

Commit to integrity

Others’ trust in you and your work serves as your most valuable asset—at Kettering and beyond. Commit to integrity in every aspect of your life—your schoolwork, your personal and family relationships, your employment. Betraying that trust, by cheating on your school work, lying on your time card, or being dishonest with someone you care about (and who cares about you) has devastating consequences. Albert Einstein provided us with words to guide a life of integrity: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Best wishes for a successful spring term.