November 2012: I Love Photography!A Warm Welcome to the Susan Spiritus Gallery Extending an official warm welcome to the following photographers, ne


November 2012: I Love Photography!

A Warm Welcome to the Susan Spiritus Gallery

Extending an official warm welcome to the following photographers, new to the gallery:
Fran Forman, Deborah Parkin, Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson and Mitchell Hartman.
Each of these artists have a different perspective to fine art photography and bring a fresh new vision complimenting those who are already represented by the gallery.
New additions to the gallery earlier this year were James Collum, Timothy Hyde, Seung Hoon Park and Scott London.


Fran Forman

Fran Forman's photographs can only be described as fanciful and imaginative and are images which can take you out of this world! They are also thought provoking!

Forman Fran Airborne 2006


Forman Fran Red-Umbrella 2007

Red Umbrella

Forman Fran Secrets-at-the-Bonfire 2011

Secrets at the Bonfire

Forman Fran Two-Men Hidden 2011

Two Men, Hidden

Deborah Parkin

I have been watching Deborah Parkin's growth as a photographer 'from afar' for many months and recently asked her to join the gallery with her photographs from the series, "Memory", which depict memories of childhood.

parkin deborah mask memory 2010


parkin deborah abandoned memory 2010


parkin deborah playtime memory 2010


Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson

Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson's photographs epitomize the beauty of the minimalist image and are certain to be revered by our corporate clients who request such minimal imagery.

Schlesinger-Hanson Jennifer SkySeries NorthIX(Noon) 2009

North XI (Noon)

Schlesinger-Hanson Jennifer SkySeries West II(Sunset) 2007

West II (Sunset)

Schlesinger-Hanson Jennifer SkySeries West IV(Noon) 2008

West IV (Noon)

Mitchell Hartman

Mitchell Hartman is a photo-based artist who combines images through retouching and digital techniques to present a view of the world that mimics the eye’s tendencies.

hartman mitchell TheBallplayer 2011

The Ballplayer

hartman mitchell WalkingTheDog 2011

Walking the Dog

hartman mitchell OnThePlatform 2011

On the Platform

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