Mariah A Rescue Before The Storm Cold, hungry and wandering the neighborhood - that's how this thirty-something Mustang mare named Mariah has spent



A Rescue Before The Storm

Cold, hungry and wandering the neighborhood - that's how this thirty-something Mustang mare named Mariah has spent the better part of this winter.

Thanks to a caring neighbor who helped Mariah and called HSSF, Mariah is now safe and receiving the care she needs.

After more than a year of repeated attempts to make life better for Mariah, our humane officer brought her to our rehabilitation partner in Auburn today to begin the long road to recovery.

"Her owner just didn't understand that the horse she's owned since she (the owner) was seven, was slowly wasting away from neglect and malnourishment. During our attempts to help Mariah, her life would improve - slightly, then turn back around and head downhill - fast" said Humane Officer Rosemary Frieborn. "When I saw Mariah on Saturday, I realized her health and safety and the safety of others was in jeopardy, and she could no longer stay where she was".

Weighing a mere 800 pounds, Mariah seldom looked up from her bowl of grain - the fifth one she'd eaten in four hours, while the veterinarian gave her a nose-to-tail exam.

And while we wait for the results of the lab work, and hope she can overcome the effects of long standing neglect, we've assured her she will be forever safe, warm and dry - with a full belly.

We can only fulfill our promise to Mariah by making certain all the legal procedures are followed.

We will keep you posted on her progress.


Sarah's Big Day is FINALLY Here

Sarah didn't make it "Home for the Holidays" as we had planned, but this past Sunday was her BIG DAY. Her departure was delayed because her little debilitated body just couldn't fend off those awful internal parasites so she stayed with us through a THIRD course of treatment and LOTS more food to help her build strength.

We wanted to show you the marvelous transformation she made while with us from sick and starving to healthy and happy and to let you know that her future is as bright and sunny as is she.

There are many sad friends and acquaintances now that Sarah left HSSF but we are steadfast in our commitment to provide room for the next abused or neglected animal that needs us.

God Speed Sarah - have a good life. XXXOOO

We are thankful for all the support we receive—from wonderful volunteers to generous donors—without you, we could not exist.


Sarah's New Friends

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Thank you for your support!!


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