Message From Susy Welcome to Edition 17 of Fair News. Thanks to all of those that came to see us at Fair@Square. Fed Square received 78,000 visitors

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Carpets for Communities - attempt longest row of rugs

Message From Susy

Welcome to Edition 17 of Fair News.
Thanks to all of those that came to see us at Fair@Square. Fed Square received 78,000 visitors over the two days and the square was buzzing with activities.
Our visitors told us they came to the event to be be informed and educated as well as for shopping.
We will be updating our website soon with photos and videos of some of highlights so stay tuned.

With Christmas just down the corner, don't forget all the ethical and sustainable options out there, for gift ideas Fair Trade Guide. For local fashion and accessories ECA for Social Enterprises products or services The Finder and Fairtrade certified products
Enjoy the festive season and Happy New Year

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Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this newsletter.

Christmas message from Fairtrade Aust & NZ


Instant Karma Roses


Pants to Poverty


Global Cafe Direct


Uma Organics

Have a fair and festive Christmas this year with the great range of Fairtrade food and gifts. There are now more than 750 Fairtrade certified products available making it easier than ever to spread some joy and give hope to farming families in developing countries across the world. From gifts to fit under the tree such as clothing, sports balls and home wares, to delicious additions to the pantry like chocolate, quinoa, rice and a range of beverages, there are lots of fantastic Fairtrade products and gifts designed especially for Christmas, so you can make this one the fairest of them all.

By celebrating with Fairtrade products you can be assured your Christmas table is helping some of the poorest communities in the world, like the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers in Ghana. Fairtrade premiums have enabled these farmers to pay for school fees, build a new school and a community centre, as well as improving the quality of their production.
To find out more on where you can purchase Fair Trade gifts this Christmas, visit fairtrade

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Oxfam Shop

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People and their stories - Ernest at Coffex Coffee

The work that we do at Moral Fairground gives us the opportunity to meet with some amazing organisations and the people that work in them. We have decided to meet with them and get them to tell us their stories. Over the next 6 months we will be sharing their journeys with you.

Global Interview  Ernest Tong Hi-Res photo

Ernest Tong - Coffex Coffee

Q. Tell us Coffex and Global Café Direct
A. Coffex Coffee is one of Victoria’s most recognizable and respected coffee brands.
Global Café Direct is our sustainable and Fairtrade coffee brand which is also our main retail brand.

Q. What do you do at Coffex?
A.I am the marketing assistant at Coffex Coffee. My responsibilities range from customer service, online store management, social media, artwork, collaterals to event management.

Q. Takes us through one of your days?
A. It usually begins with a cup or two of coffee.
Then I hit the emails and respond to any questions or queries that we get from our website.
And then the rest of the day would be a mix of either artwork generation, development of marketing materials, event planning, product development and more coffee.

Q. How does Global Café Direct coffee empower communities and people?
A. What Global Café Direct does for communities and people around Australia is, we provide a pure quality product that is Fair Trade certified and organic certified to the masses. Allowing them to have a ‘choice’ at their local supermarkets to support Fairtrade and to help the cause that they believe in the most.
It is in-line with Coffex’s aim of giving back to the world population and to help make the coffee industry a better one. To help the coffee farmers who work so hard, to give us the product that we Australians love so much.

Q. Tell us about the new initiative you have created “Trace your Bean”
A.Let’s call it TYB. Our aim for TYB is empower our loyal consumers with the information and the traceability of the product they are buying. To let them know where their monies are going and how they are helping change lives around the world. It is amazing what Fairtrade has done for the coffee industry and we believe people should know more about it. People should always be given the freedom to information. Especially when it can help change lives.

Q. What are some of the highlight of your career?
A.Participating in many Fairtrade events such as – Fair@Square, Sustainable Living Festival, Fairtrade Forthnight, Fairtrade Big Morning Break, Fairtrade Fortnight and sponsoring the Fairly Educated conference.
We at Coffex also sponsor the Australian Formula 1 and Australian MotoGP. Being at these events has definitely been an eye opener.

People and their stories - Travis at ecostore

Headshot  Travis Kalleske ecostore

Travis Kalleske

Q. Tell us about ecostore
A.ecostore was started in a permaculture village in New Zealand in 1993 by Malcolm and Melanie Rands. Although at the time they used sustainable and organic farming practices on their property, they realized their family was still being exposed to toxic chemicals in their household cleaners and body care products.

With little choice available to them (or anyone) they set about researching into developing their own healthier and more sustainable products. To be successful they knew the products would have to work as well as the mainstream brands so they sought the guidance of leading eco-scientists to help them along the way. The rest as they say is history. Twenty years later ecostore is one of the most trusted household brands in Australasia.

Our unique focus on health has earned us an enviable and loyal customer following. This is largely in part to our commitment to practicing the ‘Precautionary Principle’ when developing our formulations. If there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for a person or for the planet - we find a safer alternative.

Q. What do you do at ecostore and how long have you been working there?
A.For the past 18 months I’ve been managing the Australian arm of ecostore which is based in Melbourne. It’s the first time this type of role has been employed and being a small company, it’s very varied. Business development, project management and sales form the core aspect of what I do. I also work closely to with our interstate distributors to support their focus of the ecostore brand as well.
I established the Australian office for ecostore in January of last year, when ecostore made a decision to further invest in this market by appointing a local presence here.  I manage what is now a small but dynamic ecostore Australia team and we are focussed on the business development, distribution, marketing and community engagement functions for the brand here.

Q. What is the favourite part of your job?
A.Feeling like we are making a difference for people in their lives, in some small way.  We receive so much consumer feedback about how our products have helped them and their families whether it be in relation to their health or the environment.

Q. How does ecostore empower communities and people?
A.We’re all about communicating to people that there are healthier alternatives available that are easy to use, convenient to find and will perform as well as a mainstream product.
We are all about being open and transparent about we do and communicating this message by developing relationships with key stakeholders and associations in the community as well as trusted advisers (such as midwives and health practioners).   We also lend our support to cause related campaigns and events that help spread the word of healthy and sustainable living in a modern, urban environment.

Q. What are some of the highlights of your career?
A.Being part of ecostore Australia of course!  Completing a global marketing plan for a major Australian carbon management firm, really opened my eyes to the importance of the role of sustainability in all our lives, now and in the future and incited my passion to become involved in this field. 

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Term and Conditions of the Samsara movie tickets competition
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2. Competition closes on the 30th of December 2012 and winners will be announced by e-mail on the 2nd of January 2013
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