A Year of Familyness In case you missed it...The Yellow House has a new project. And we want you to join us! Last September when I launched my aweso


A Year of Familyness

In case you missed it...The Yellow House has a new project. And we want you to join us!

Last September when I launched my awesome blog with Sarah we had discussed a plan for doing A Year of Familyness. I had hoped to launch the project ages ago but also wanted to research and develop the idea enough to give it a solid foundation. After a year of researching and a lot of wondering, I’ve finally decided to go for it! The idea is a big commitment for me. I’m not taking it lightly and I know that I want it to make a happy, meaningful difference to families around the world. It’s involved a lot of preparation and months of filling composition books with thoughts, discoveries, and ideas.

I’ve had my share of insecurities about this project thinking it wouldn’t mean much to people and that it wouldn’t make a difference. One day, while journaling, I realized it would matter to the people in my life who matter the most…my own family. And that’s when I knew it was time to stop researching, putting off, and believing that it would happen at the right time.

Now is the right time.

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A Year of Familyness: Week 1


We just started our first week. It's not too late!

Once Upon A Time there was a Boy and a Girl.

The boy saw the girl playing in a creek with her friends and realized right then and there that he would have to get to know her. He tried to be nice to her and she didn’t notice until one day after a party that she had hosted. She looked around and saw that he was the only one still there. He was washing dishes.

Over soapy water they started talking, he asked the usual questions about her college courses and she asked about where he had grown up. When the dishes were done, they sat at the kitchen table in her college apartment, surrounded by cinder block walls, terrible lighting, and other college students running up and down corridors and shouting over the balconies. Conversation was easy, everything and everyone melted away.

From that day on the girl looked forward to every conversation, every walk to their college campus, every dinner, every time he touched her arm or sat close to her. Nothing was real until she had shared it with him. And every moment that she was with him was better than all of the ones without him. Their friendship grew.

There was the anticipated and amazing first kiss on an ice cold winter evening.

He wrote love notes. She hid paper hearts in his room. They sang songs together. And even though they didn’t have a car, it didn’t feel like it mattered because they had each other.

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It all starts with you...

See my before and after transformation here. When moms know who they are and can see their own beauty and gifts it blesses their marriage and their family.

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