THURSDAY'S RED CARPET . . . Are You Available? The description is below. I have talked with the people putting Thursday's Red Carpet together, and I




Are You Available?

The description is below. I have talked with the people putting Thursday's Red Carpet together, and I believe we can get several of our current clients on the red carpet. If you have not already done so, PLEASE RSVP NOW: In the subject line, please put either (1) THURSDAY'S RED CARPET YES or (2) THURSDAY'S RED CARPET NO.


THURSDAY, AUG. 29 - 7:00 PM

The most anticipated "Grand Opening" of LA's newest full production studio. Empire Media Center is an all-inclusive media center for actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians & models. By invitation - APS/Hollywood Success PR President Rock Riddle has been invited and will be able to extend that invitation to a limited number of our clients - so let us know right away (NOW, PLEASE) if you'd like to be placed on the VIP guest list -- Red Carpet 7pm-9pm | Event 7pm-12am [Glendale]. Once cleared, we'll email you the address and complete details.

TV Series Shooting at This Event

Earlier this week, I received two calls from a TV producer in Germany. He is shooting a reality show in Los Angeles and he wanted to know if he could cover the event on Thursday.

How Did He Know?

It seems that this producer read our Calendar of Events and thought Thursday's upcoming red carpet opening could be a good place to shoot for his TV series. I passed along the information to the people in charge of the event, and it appears that the 7-person TV crew will be shooting Thursday night.

It's Amazing . . .

It's amazing how frequently we get email messages and phone calls from producers, directors, and other publicists. It seems we're often contacted when there's an important question about "anything Hollywood." At least half a dozen other publicists have contacted us over the past few months wanting to buy "event information" from us. Quite flattering!

Constantly Upgrading!


The Latest News

Our main computer crashed early yesterday morning. Not a disaster; in fact not even a big deal. Computers crash - it's not a matter of "will they fail?"; it's a matter of "when will they fail?"

In our case, we have triple redundancy. With the help of our high-tech neighbors (Business Information Technology Solutions), we are now rebuilding and upgrading that main computer. When complete, we plan to make it our #1 Backup Computer. Our main computer, shortly thereafter, will be a brand new high-end machine that will be built for us over the next few weeks. Our upcoming internet radio and TV shows will benefit from the much faster machine - and, of course that means that YOU will benefit!

Note: We expect to have your next newsletter and report to you by the end of the day Monday.



AE Rock Riddle Host Ric Drasin 2013

Hey! Isn't That RIC DRASIN?

It absolutely is! Tomorrow we proudly present, for the very first time, our VIP guest speaker, the legendary Ric Drasin!

The photo above is from the AfterBuzz TV Network (over 20 million downloads so far.) The smaller photo is from the Actor's Entertainment TV Network (over 7 million viewers and growing!)

This Sunday at Noon We Proudly Present Our VIP Guest Speaker, the Legendary

Well-Known, Well-Respected Producer-Actor-Author-TV Show Host
(Now building a new TV Studio and Seeking Talent!)

Professional Bodybuilder
(He and Arnold were training partners)

Fitness and Nutrition Expert

Professional Wrestler and Wrestling Coach
(Former WWF Champion - "The Equalizer")

Extremely Well-Connected in the Worlds of Film/TV, Bodybuilding and Professional Wrestling


A Fascinating Speaker!

Sunday, August 25: 12:00 Noon until 2:15 PM at The Jeremiah Comey Studio (a beautiful theater in a great area with lots of free secure parking) 12215 Ventura Blvd., Suite 111 Studio City, CA 91604 (located in the Times Square Plaza, the home of Peet's Coffee, about 1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon Blvd.)

Producer Ric Drasin has been successful at everything he has ever attempted. He was a professional competitive bodybuilder; he and Arnold Schwarzenegger were training partners. At age 69, he remains in great shape and trains regularly. In October, 2012 he was awarded the Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award - He created the famous Gold's Gym and World Gym logos. One of his talk shows, "Ric's Corner" tends to center on bodybuilding, professional wrestling and interviews with film stars. He was a world champion professional wrestler (he was "The Equalizer" in WWF) and owns a respected wrestling school.

He hosts several successful internet TV shows and he is currently building a TV studio in Van Nuys to produce even more shows. He is a regular host for The Actors Entertainment Network TV shows (7 million+ views) and AfterBuzz TV (20+ million downloads!) Actors whom he interviewed on his TV shows received substantial world-wide exposure thanks to this remarkable gentleman . . . and considering what he has planned, he has just begun!
We are honored to have, for the very first time, the legendary Ric Drasin as our very special VIP guest speaker Sunday (TOMORROW!). Please make your plans now to attend. This is a very rare and amazing opportunity! RSVP HERE PLEASE


Please Make Plans to Join Ric Drasin Tomorrow!

It will be a very good investment of your time. I predict that at least a couple of our actor clients will end up on at least one of his shows. Click HERE to see a sample of two of the very popular shows that he hosts!


Last Chance Tomorrow!


What to do AFTER tomorrow's Seminar:


LA Weekly's Pick of the Week - GARBO'S CUBAN LOVER - The Re-Imagined Version - a dramedy - Last show this Sunday (tomorrow) 3-5pm, Aug. 25th, see Monique Lukens (photo) - Witness a French starlet ask an early 20th cent. Hollywood writer about vegetarianism.

Half price tickets found here w/ promo code 008: - Limited Industry comps (production photo from GARBO'S CUBAN LOVER)


PLEASE R.S.V.P. for . . .

Tomorrow's Seminar/Networking

It's going to be outstanding! And, please invite your actor friends!

Thursday's Red Carpet

I just spoke again to the lady heading this event. Will you be on our VIP Red Carpet list?


Until Monday . . .

The radio show is on schedule and we expect to have the first live one-hour show airing the second week of September!

The computer crash and subsequent upgrade and rebuild took quite a bit of time. Even so, we plan to have your next newsletter and report to you before midnight Monday night! Until then . . .

All the best!