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Mike Gregory. Picture Supplied: Cheyne Toomey Photography

Old Collegian and endurance swimmer Mike Gregory (OC1981), had the audience enthralled with his personal experiences of distance swimming and how goal-setting was vital to his success.
Participants enjoyed breakfast and an opportunity to network with others.
Read a full report and view the picture gallery

One of the most requested initiatives flagged in the Foundation survey was the creation of a Marcellin Business Directory. Well, we listened and we are pleased to have the online version up and running. Everyone who has a Marcellin connection is entitled to a free listing - please sign up using the online registration form here.

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Marcellin Business Directory

Lake Louise Peter Ditchburn 1

Peter Ditchburn and wife Sue

Richard Olive has been busy rallying his fellow Canterbury Roaders to entice them to share their personal stories with us.
These men are living full and interesting lives and have made major contributions to society in their respective careers and endeavours.
Read about Peter Ditchburn, Martin Pollard and Michael Hehir here.

If you would like to share your Marcellin story (or that of a friend), don't hesitate to get in touch.

Alan O'Connor progress 1

Fresh from his graduation with a Doctorate in Philosophy at the age of 64, Alan O'Connor (OC1967) has shunned any thoughts of retirement and instead decided to be a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
He has recently returned from India where he has been building houses for underprivileged families.
Read more about his trip here.

We wish to thank everybody for the support and positive feedback we have received so far regarding the establishment of a Marcellin Foundation.
At the moment we are working with our Solicitors regarding Governance and Structure issues and we are expecting the Foundation to come into legal existence early in 2014.

We appreciate there has been an overload of news, surveys, requests for information etc this year regarding this important milestone in the life of Marcellin College and its Old Collegians community, so thank you again for your support.

And finally, I would like to wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and happy New Year.



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