We Can Get 2 More Clients on Tomorrow's Red Carpet Want to be on the red carpet tomorrow? We can get 2 more of our clients cleared for tomorrow's re


We Can Get 2 More Clients on Tomorrow's Red Carpet


Want to be on the red carpet tomorrow?

We can get 2 more of our clients cleared for tomorrow's red carpet. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND CAN BE AT THE VENUE DRESSED MAGNIFICENTLY BY NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM TOMORROW. If you are cleared, we will let you know by no later than early tomorrow morning. If you do not hear from us by 8:00 am tomorrow, we were not able to clear you. So, if interested, email me at BOTH of these addresses: Rock@HollywoodSuccess.net and RockRiddle@hotmail.com. They will pick 2 of our clients from those interested. Here's the info:


If you’re available and if it is of interest, I can get two of you (2 clients) cleared for the red carpet for The First Annual Hospie Awards – awards for excellence in the hospitality industry – for tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Producer Tim Chizmar has extended the invitation via his friend on the voting committee. There will be press and industry people; other than that I cannot tell you how valuable of an event it will be – especially since this is the first of these annual events. If you want to go, it takes place in Canoga Park (actual address will be emailed for those two clients who are interested and cleared) and they want you there by 6:00 PM dressed “very nicely.” Tim Chizmar is producing a feature film in April and his partner, Derek Easley, begins production on a separate feature in late May/early June. Look for them and/or actor-producer Judy Karman if you attend. [I am invited, but unfortunately will be out of town tomorrow and unable to join in the festivities]

Is the Hospie Awards event of interest? If so, Please let me know right away! We have submitted to dozens of upcoming events and expect to receive clearances on additional red carpet events soon, but need to know if this one is of interest now. Thanks very much!

If You're Cleared . . .


If you're cleared, you'll hear from us by no later than 8:00 AM tomorrow with all of the information.

That means that if you are available but do NOT hear from us by 8:00 am tomorrow, the decision-makers were not able to clear you for this event. But, again, many more red carpet clearances are upcoming.



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OVER 85% of our clients are ranked in the TOP 5% of Entertainment Industry Professionals Worldwide! AND OVER 55% are ranked in the upper 2% in the world!

We are so proud! For those who are not in the top 5% yet, we're doing everything we can to help you get there quickly. And, of course, we're pushing for all of our clients to quickly climb higher on that ladder of success!


Until next time . . .

We'll have much more information for you with the next newsletter. Until then . . .


Rock Riddle, President
APS Entertainment
Hollywood Success PR