Message From Susy Happy New Year and welcome to Edition 18 of Fair News. Whilst I hear lots of people dreading those festive times of the year, I ac

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Fair@Square 2012 Fair Fashion Show Finale

Message From Susy

Happy New Year and welcome to Edition 18 of Fair News.
Whilst I hear lots of people dreading those festive times of the year, I actually don't mind them at all.

For some people, sharing time with family and friends only happens around times of the year where celebrations are taking place.

Also, celebrations give people the opportunity to be in giving mode, something that I think has been lost. How many times do you actually visit your neighbours to share something with them, might happen to some, but for the majority of people, busily living their lives, sharing time with people, friends and family can become very challenging.

What can make celebrations better is if we moved away from thinking that it's all so commercial diminishing the value of the celebration. What if celebrations were THE opportunity for us to be giving and caring? Imagine if the gifts you bought your loved one or your friends were actually benefiting a community or making someone's life better?

I think that we should view celebrations as our chance to do something good for the world. Lets make every celebration worthy so happy upcoming Valentine's Day everybody.

Happy Valentine' s Day Give Away


We have a bunch of fairtrade certified roses to give away to one very lucky person.

Instant Karma Roses will donate one dozen Fairtrade Certified red roses in a vase for Valentine's Day, valued at $75 and they will deliver the roses to the winner's doorstep during business hours on Valentine's day.

Millions of roses are imported into Australia each year. This Valentine's Day, choose Fairtrade Certified roses from Instant Karma Roses and share your love with the world!

To win a bunch of fairtrade certified roses it's simple; send us your best 2013 love message to accompany the roses at Info even if if it's just for you!!!
Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this newsletter.

Fair@Square 2012 photo library

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We had some great fun at Fair@Square in 2012. Just wanted to share some snapshots with you. Chek out our website for the full photos slide show and keep updated as we will soon be putting up some video highlights.

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FashionFAS FashionShow17
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KitchenFAS SaturdayKitchen15
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Fair NewsFAS FashionShow80
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BeautyFAS SaturdayBeauty05

We had some great exhibitors at Fair@Square 2012 with some great gift ideas and great products for any occasion. Check out our Exhibitor page to get in touch with them .

Term and Conditions of the Valentine's Day Competition
1.One entry per person only
2. Competition closes on the 5th of February 2013 and winner will be announced by e-mail on the 6th of February 2013
3. Roses will delivered on Valentine's Day on the 14th of February 2013 during business hours.
4. You entry will be drawn by Moral Fairground
5. The final decision will be made and no correspondence will be entered into.
6. Competition opens to Australian residents only
7. Employees of Moral Fairground are not eligible to enter the competition
8. Winners might be announced via Moral Fairground communications.
9. Entries to be sent to Info
10. Entries will need to include, name, surname, phone number, delivery address and 2013 Love message

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