February 2013 My morning started with me catching up on my schedule for reading through the Bible in a year. This project reminds me that God's word


February 2013

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson '96, M.A. Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

My morning started with me catching up on my schedule for reading through the Bible in a year. This project reminds me that God's word is so powerful.

There has been a lot of planning ahead lately by several committees and myself. You can now go to our website and see a list of upcoming alumni events.

"Do not be afraid Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward." Genesis 15:1.

I suggest you read this verse again and substitute your name for Abram's. What are you fearing in your life right now? Our students have a number of fears: their new classes, their last semester, the unknown future, if the relationship they are in is the right one, results from health questions, and possibly how they are going to pay for this semester. The two key things that you can do to help alleviate some of these fears are support SC through your prayers and finances.

I am guessing that you may have similar fears. Scripture often tells us, not asks us, but tells us to not fear. As I read that above passage, I find peace knowing that regardless of what I may fear, God is my reward.

I pray that you find that peace that passes all understanding and overcomes our fears.

And God's People Said, "AMEN"

The SC Prayer Warrior Program was introduced in 1990. The College asks alumni, friends, and family to commit to pray specifically for SC every day. A three-month prayer calendar is sent out to over 800 people worldwide.

By joining the program, you may choose to receive the quarterly Prayer Warrior calendar through the US Postal Service or the monthly Prayer Warrior through your email so that you can pray in specific ways for SC.

For more information, see our website.

Make Plans!

Lucas Knauss - On the Spot improv gp

Current sophomore, Lucas Knoff, celebrated Homecoming 2012 in a unique and special way during the parade. How will you celebrate Homecoming 2013?

Homecoming is Oct. 19, 2013. Make plans now to join us. It is not too early to book your lodging reservations on campus or in the area communities.

We will be having reunions for the Classes of 1963, 1983, 1993 and 2003. There will also be a decade reunion for the 1970's and the Young Alumni Reunion (Classes 1998-2013).

Come enjoy the annual Lady Warrior Basketball Pancake Feed; Legacy Visit Day - for high school children of Alumni; musical; Alumni College; Hangout - complete with bouncy castles, petting zoo, campus tours, and lunch; football game; alumni softball game; and Alumni Banquet - where we will honor alumni honor recipients and Fine Arts Hall of Fame inductees.

Interview with Alumnus Steve Kinney '68

Sterling College: When did you graduate from Sterling?
Steve Kinney: 1968

SC: What were your major and minor?
Kinney: I was a psychology major and had minors in sociology, Bible and philosophy, and maybe political science. I can’t remember that last one for sure. I know I had a lot of hours in it, but maybe didn't quite get a minor.

SC: What activities were you involved with while on campus?
Kinney: I was involved with student government a great deal. I never ran for office, but I got people elected.

SC: What residence hall did you live in?
Kinney: Campbell, for the three years I was there. I had just gotten out of the service, so I went to school year-round for three years to graduate.

SC: What are you doing now?
Kinney: I am a pollster. I’m with one of the largest public opinion research firms in the nation. We do survey research. I draft the questionnaires and interpret the results. I actually took some classes on survey research at Sterling in the sixties. When my wife died in ’72, I went to California. I’ve been in politics full-time since ’74. I’ve been in full-time polling since 1991. When you do what I do, you’re truly in the middle of the political fight.

SC: What kind of a family do you have?
Kinney: My first wife, Miriam (Read ’69), who was also a graduate of Sterling College, died in a miscarriage in 1972. I married my current wife, Cynthia Durham Kinney, in 1991.

SC: Where do you live?
Kinney: Redondo Beach, California. When I left Kansas, I swore I wasn’t going to live more than a half-mile from the ocean and I never have. I’m about six blocks from the water. I love to run next to the ocean. I’ve run two marathons and a lot of 10Ks.

SC: How did your experience and time at Sterling College shape you?
Kinney: It had a lot to do with strengthening my faith. The classes were great, but the Christian attitude on the campus was even better. One of the great things about SC besides being a Christian college is that it is also a liberal arts college. It gave me exposure that has been invaluable in the polling world, because I got exposed to a lot of different academic fields.

SC: What did you enjoy or appreciate most about Sterling College?
Kinney: The faculty. There were some really great people there. They made such an impact on my life. They were a wonderful bunch. Simpson, one of my profs, was great. Art Gathman was head of the education department, and I did all of his audiovisual stuff. I became very close friends with them. Mr. Gathman did the funeral for my wife Miriam. I knew the Klings because they were there when I was there. The humanities teacher, Brownlee, was a friend as well. I worked for Bob McCreery in the development department later.

SC: Do you have any children or relatives who attend or work at the College now?

Kinney: I have known Don Reed ’68 since college; we were classmates. I know the Klings. I worked for the College for a couple of years after I graduated. I was in admissions for part of a year, but then I got switched over to alumni affairs.

SC: How are you remaining involved on the campus?
Kinney: I am on the National Advisory Council.

SC: Do you mind if we include an email address so people can get a hold of you?
Kinney: smksurvey@gmail.com

Career Services

Although this cold Kansas weather makes it difficult to imagine summer drawing near, it will be here before we know it. With summer, comes the perfect time for college students to complete internships or work seasonal jobs, and the time to apply for those experiences is now.

Sterling College students have held positions at well-known and widely respected organizations in the past. Cameron Bartlett ’12 spent the summer of 2011 working as the Strategic Marketing Intern at Provident Label Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, in Nashville. Working in the music publishing department for film and television, Cameron had a variety of job duties that allowed him to use his creative talents. He believes God confirmed his career choice through the internship. He had been debating between going to seminary or getting into the music industry following his graduation from SC, and his experience in Nashville confirmed his desire to work with music. Cameron said he “can’t stress enough the importance of trusting God and following His will for your life. I know I’m right where He wants me to be.”

Nicole Navarro, currently a junior and athletic training major at SC, worked for Varsity Sports Corporation last summer, running cheer camps and working as a camp counselor for junior high and high school cheerleaders. That internship led to her current part-time job with the company, and she realizes the benefits it will have in her future career. “Even though the summer internship is over, I am still working with Varsity Sports,” said Nicole. “I have helped with cheer camps as an athletic trainer during the [fall] semester this year. When they ask you to continue working with them they pay for a rental car, your housing for the weekend and as a job. You not only get to make contact with other certified athletic trainers and build connections to what you will do after graduation from Sterling, but you have Varsity Sports on your resume, which means you have had good experience in the past.”

SC Career Services encourages all students to find summer jobs or internship opportunities that will better prepare them for their future careers. Students locate these opportunities through a variety of sources, one of them being through connections with alumni. If your organization has any summer job or internship openings, please contact Lisa Parson, director of career services.

In the News

You can read all current and past news items on our webpage.

News stories such as senior Andrew Drake of Craig, Colo. receiving an internship with Disney; Coach Jaderston setting an SC Warrior Basketball win record; and the new Chinese language class taught during this Interterm.

Chorale to Tour Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa


Now that the holidays are over and the SC Christmas Concert is behind us, it is once again time to prepare for the SC Choir Tour. The chorale annually travels during Spring Break to share the mission of SC to prospective students and to update alumni and families on the College. This is a wonderful time to see what our students are capable of as well as getting the chance to meet them.

In honor of our 125th anniversary this year, the choir has learned and will be singing two of the most remembered benedictions from the past. Professor Leon Akin directed his choirs with "My God and I" and Dr. Diane Lewis closed every performance with "Song of Simeon." Professor Clark brought with his tenure a beautiful Celtic benediction written by Dr. Nix.

All of our full-time music faculty will be traveling with the choir this year - Mark Clark, Dr. Brad Nix, and Dr. Laura Bateman.

Upcoming church performances with most concerts beginning at 7 p.m.:

• Friday, March 8, 2013, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Winterset, IA; 7:00 p.m.
• Sunday, March 10, 2013, Christ Church, Lake Forest, IL
• Tuesday, March 12, 2013, First United Presbyterian Church, Moline, IL; 7:00 p.m.
• Wednesday, March 13, 2013 West Hills Baptist Church, Topeka, KS; 7:00 p.m.
• Thursday, March 14, 2013, Clay Center Covenant Church, Clay Center, KS; 7:00 p.m.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring students you know that would benefit from a Sterling education, especially music students. You can even direct students to our website for more information.

Gift Match

New to our website is a page that allows you to search and see if your company will match your gift. This is a simple and quick way to increase your gift to SC. We encourage you to see if your company is a matching donor and how you can have the money sent to SC.

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