Vintaj Extravaganza! All styles 30% OFF That means all components, Brass, Copper, Pewter and Arte Metal, all, every single one. And this includes all


Vintaj Extravaganza! All styles 30% OFF

That means all components, Brass, Copper, Pewter and Arte Metal, all, every single one. And this includes all Chain and Findings. So, take advantage of this super sale now! Already marked down too so no code is necessary.

Sale valid through Friday August 2nd.

Looking for something to add a bit of color to your design? A colorant that will stay put and is made to use on metal? Check out Ranger's Patinas. Made for Vintaj, these patinas work very nicely. Paint or dab on, the colors blend, and are water washable when wet but permanent once dry. Easy to sand off the high points to create nice contrast. We offer them in 3 packs and open stock.

Winner was chosen for the pack of Vintaj, Martha S. Follow our Blog & stay tuned for our next giveaway!

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Product Focus: Flat Leather & Findings

We stock a large selection of both 5mm & 10mm flat leathers and the findings to make them into gorgeous fun bracelets!

We stock Greek flat leathers along with some Italian. They are well made, color fast, and fit the findings so smoothly. A nice selection of sliders and clasps make it easy to embellish and add finishing touches.

We recommend the Super New Glue we sell because it comes in a bottle that makes it much easier to apply. It has a nose that fits right into the findings, is easy to keep clean, and use. I have yet to have one solidify on me like my experience with the soft sided tubes from the grocery store.

We stock both TierraCast leather Findings]( and German Leather Findings.

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Have you tried the New Large-Holed Takumis?

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This spring Toho introduced the new Takumi line of size 11/0 seed beads. They have unusually large holes making them a deluxe resource for beadweaving. The holes are 15% larger than a traditional size 11/0 bead. With such a large stringing hole, you can make more passes through the bead and you also have the advantage of being able to use thicker stringing materials in your designs.

We offer these in 3" large tubes, holding appx 14 grams of beads. Each gram has appx. 125 beads in it so a tube holds 1750+ beads!

We are announcing a Takumi Challenge!
Winners to be announced in September
Prizes to be awarded!

The details will follow but we wanted to make the announcement to give people time to plan their entries.

The idea is to make something out of Takumi beads. Other bead sizes can be used as well, just make sure the Takumi's are proportionally the main bead used. You can make anything of your choice, but items made that take advantage of the beads larger hole will get extra attention from the judges.

Checkout our blogfor more details tomorrow!

What Else is ON SALE this week?

Size 8/0 Delica's 25% OFF
[Swarovski 6/0 Bicones] 25% OFF (
[Czechmates Two Holed Beads: 25% OFF Two Holed Daggers Two Holed Bricks Two Holed Lentils Two Holed Flat Squares] ALL 30% OFF!(
One-G Thread Sets 20% OFF

All Sale pries valid through Friday August 2nd PDT.

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