May 18, 2013 - Client News3 IMPORTANT EVENTS - 2 Sunday, 1 Monday! Event #1 - Sunday, 12:00 Noon! NEW FRANKENSTEIN MOVIE CASTING! "I'll be speakin


May 18, 2013 - Client News

3 IMPORTANT EVENTS - 2 Sunday, 1 Monday!


Event #1 - Sunday, 12:00 Noon!


"I'll be speaking on Sunday, May 19, from noon until 2:15 PM. The topic will be my upcoming "Tales of Frankenstein" movie, which has just entered pre-production, and I'll be focusing on the casting. So, if you're an actor living in the LA area, you may want to stop by. I already have some people in mind for various roles and a few of them may be at the seminar to relate how they came to my attention. But no contracts have yet been signed and the movie has plenty of characters . . . I'll bring you up to date Sunday" - Donald F. Glut

Please Join Us For a Very Special Afternoon with Multiple-Award-Winning Producer-Director-Writer and President of Frontline Entertainment Donald F. Glut! (with Special Guests) - A Very Special Actors' Seminar & Networking Event - Sunday, May 19, 2013: 12:00 Noon until 2:15 PM at The Jeremiah Comey Studio (a beautiful theater in a great area with lots of free secure parking), 12215 Ventura Blvd., Suite 111 Studio City, CA 91604 (located in the Times Square Plaza, the home of Peet's Coffee, about 1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon Blvd.)

John Carpenter's quote: "I wanted to be like Don Glut. He was the king!"

Don has over 1,000,000 Google References and 275+ IMDB Credits and is IMDB Ranked Within Upper 1 and 1/2 % of Entertainment Industry Professionals Worldwide!

May 16, 2013 update: ". . .. Although no actors have been officially signed yet, Buddy Daniels Friedman has agreed to star as Gregore Frankenstein, Baylee Curran as both the gorgeous creation and a streetwalker, and Tad Atkinson as the sleazy coroner . . . I might add that all three of those actors I met through APS/Hollywood Success. And I have one specific current APS/Hollywood Success actor in mind for another part . . ." - Don Glut


Donald F. Glut

Producer-director-writer Donald F. Glut will be our very special guest speaker this Sunday. He is currently seeking talent for his next feature film, "Tales of Frankenstein." This will be the 9th feature film he has cast, directed and/or produced where he has hired our actor clients and, in several instances, actors whom he met at seminar events just like the one coming up this Sunday (including a starring role in a SAG film). His female werewolf feature is expected to begin shortly after this film wraps. This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet (or to become better acquainted with) this busy and extremely well-connected entertainment industry professional! (He introduced one of our clients personally to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and John Milius!)

Jim Goddard

Producer-Director-Writer Jim Goddard Also Speaking Sunday!

Although still CEO of the company, Jim is temporarily placing Celtic FilmWorks on the back burner in order to focus a majority of his efforts toward a new film and television studio which is currently being financed! If we were to list all of the projects in which Jim Goddard has been involved --- from producer-director-writer to actor and everything in-between, and including theatrical productions and other live events --- we would be listing approximately six hundred projects! He has provided acting work for several of the actors whom he met at seminar events just like this one - including at least one starring role. He looks forward to meeting you and encourages you to bring your photos and resumes.

Jim's first book in coming out next month in association with "The Lone Ranger" movie starring Johnny Depp. Jim is also an outstanding professional photographer -- people, landscapes, red carpet events and more.


Event #2: Sunday, 4:00 PM

Screening/Networking Event!

Award-winning producer Kimberly Browning heads this organization of industry professionals. Each month she invites APS-Hollywood Success clients to attend as special VIP guests. This is a GOOD networking opportunity. Take a look :

Sunday, May 19, 2013: 4pm - 7pm
FREE at DIMMAK STUDIOS (formerly Cinespace) - 6356 Hollywood Blvd., upstairs, Hollywood, CA 90028

Short Film Program #6 & Filmmaker Reception -
Edition 15.6 - RSVP with me at or directly at

Please let me know if you're able to join us. Thanks.

robb company crop

Event #3: Monday, 7:00 PM

Networking Event

It only happens 5 times per year and it is a GOOD networking event! Several of our actors have been hired as a result of meeting producers here. There are usually 75 to 100 entertainment industry professionals who attend. Usually about 20% are producers who can hire; the balance of the group consists of a few agents and managers, directors, writers, a casting director or two, financial people (film financiers) and professional actors.

This is a PRIVATE, by invitation only event. However, producer-manager Sherry Robb of the Robb Company extends a very special invitation to all current and active APS-Hollywood Success clients. YOU MUST RSVP at to be placed on our VIP guest list. Also each of us is expected to give a $5.00 donation at the door to help pay for the theater rental. Food/snacks are provided.

Again, this is a good networking event and we certainly hope you can join us.


I Look Forward to Introducing You!

I look forward to introducing you to the producers at each of these events. Again, please RSVP right away :

Let me know which of the three events you will be attending. They are all good networking opportunities!

Thank you!


Another Live Radio Show - Tuesday at 10:00 AM

I'll be doing Rob Ekno's "In Your Face" live one-hour radio show Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM. You can listen live at - or listen later via the podcast. This should be a really good inspirational and motivational show. We may touch on a little wrestling, but I expect the majority of the show to center around the entertainment industry and achieving one's dreams. :-)

We'll have a lot more for you with the next "Members Only" newsletter. Until then . . . Thank you, and all the best!

Rock Riddle, President
APS Entertainment &
Hollywood Success Marketing and Public Relations