Hello it's now July Amazing! To quote John Lennon 'Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans'. I now have a name change: Susan Mille

Hello it's now July

Amazing! To quote John Lennon 'Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans'. I now have a name change: Susan Miller. For the time being I will keep Susan Cowe for business. The passport is changed but all the other rigmarole takes an age.
Herb and I had a lovely wedding day. All guests commented on the happiness around. I worked very hard with an intention for good weather. It worked. Here is my fairytale like blog.. My son Graeme walked me in and later gave one of the speeches and my daughter Rachel read a poem at the ceremony. Seeing my children, my big children happy and relaxed was an enormous joy to me.
My son marries Louise in August so I look forward to that. It's an Irish wedding! My first visit to the Emerald Isle. Looking forward to the Guinness!

Meta Health Weekend

Last month I enjoyed a weekend of learning in Brighton: Meta Health. The connection between emotional health and our physical health. A very specific connection when a specific organ ailment can be influenced/related back to a thought (belief) process. Fascinating! The course was run by Sam Thorpe who knows and enjoys her subject. I have much future learning to do but the basic concept and understanding will be most useful with many of my clients.This year I have had several clients come to me with Panic Attacks. The physical side effects which manifested were unpleasant and highly debilitating. Please read my blog post when my face appeared to show an undesirable sign of stress before the wedding: Stress and its effect on physical health. I could puzzle over a Meta Health connection for that. Information welcome.

Top Tips

Tip 1: Take time and smell the roses.
Tip 2: Life has much to offer. Some of it belongs to you!

A little secret! I have wanted to finish this newsletter for about two weeks. At first I was delaying by improving the layout.(yes true!). But then the sun started shining and I took time out to smell those roses: To chill. Not easy when your default is There's not enough time. I chose not to call it procrastination. I organised my days, had fun, _got stuff done_and felt calmer.

Recent Workshops

The Beat Self Sabotage and EFT and its Potential mornings were fun and positive feedback was most welcome ''I think it's right to say I had my mind blown yesterday! I knew I self sabotage but realised several ways of doing it I hadn't recognised (or admitted to myself!) and that I can't keep blaming my partner for some of our/my issues''.

Workshops in Exeter and Edinburgh

I am very excited to be running EFT and its potential for dealing with stress **for a friend, Jackie Goodfellow in Exeter. The Edinburgh Workshop will be hosted in Joppa. Dates will be September into October. I am delighted that my friend Jackie wants me 'to spread the word'. My sister needed a little coaxing but her friends and colleagues are keen, (Families!)

Future Workshops in Rowlands Castle

Dates in September and October
1. For a healthier You, de-stressing is vital!
2 Beat Self-Sabotage- Find out how to stop getting in your own way. See link above.

If you have day/time preference please email. I will decide on dates in a couple of weeks.

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Half Price Summer Special Emotional De-clutter

Half price on my Half Day Now £80 and Whole Day Emotional De clutter. Now £125. Enjoy in-depth emotional cleansing. Leave revitalised with confidence and self esteem restored. Deeply relaxing and motivating.

Survive and thrive front cover

Survive and Thrive after Trauma

My book is quietly selling and I am truly thankful to anyone who has bought or read it. Inspiration to others ready to move on is my goal.
Letting go of a past trauma permits emotional healing to begin.

The Long Room and Garden

Please check out My Long Room and Garden. This is where I work. The rooms are self contained and available for use by others.

Further Reading

Family Stuff
Pet and House Sit Website

Enjoy the Summer

I wish you all a great summer season. Have the intention that the sun will shine. Strengthen that thought.
It's glorious today!

Extra Top Tip

What do you want to achieve in the next couple of months?
Take some moments. Allow it to filter in.
See it. Hear it. Taste it. Touch it. Speak it! Do this regularly to give power to your intention.

Till later

Susan x

Hampshire EFT
The Real Confidence Guide
Survive and Thrive after Trauma

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