I keep hearing about pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-flavored that and it is indeed almost time for the Great Pumpkin to arrive! This issue is bein


I keep hearing about pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-flavored that and it is indeed almost time for the Great Pumpkin to arrive!

This issue is being mostly written and edited by two of our our SC students who are serving as writing interns for the semester in the Office of Alumni Relations. Jackie Wilkerson and Greta Larson are delightful young women and I appreciate two of our English and writing and editing faculty, Dr. Felicia Squires and Gentry Sutton '98, for working with us to make this a possibility.

I hope you enjoy what Jackie and Greta have written for you and I would love to introduce you to them the next time you are on campus - say, at Homecoming! Bring your high school students for a special Legacy Visit Day in Admissions, created just for students of alumni.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you here at Homecoming or in my travels over the next month. Perhaps we can even share something pumpkin-flavored.

Godspeed, Amy R. Thompson '96, MA,
Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

"Connecting the Past, Looking to the Future"

The campus is already gearing up for the biggest weekend of the fall semester—Homecoming and Family Day! Clubs and organizations around campus are working hard to pull together all the events that will occur over the weekend, which begins October 18th with the Homecoming musical. Of course, among all of these festivities, we remember the purpose of Homecoming Weekend—the Sterling College Alumni! They will be “coming home” that weekend, people of all ages from all over the country with one thing in common; they call SC their Alma Mater.

Among the reunions taking place this year is the Young Alumni Reunion. This is for any alumni who have graduated in the past fifteen years (1997-2012). They and their families are welcome to stop by the tent on the south side of Smisor Stadium during the football game to sign up for SC freebies, update their information, and enjoy catching up with old friends. Sterling College Theatre Alumni will be celebrating recently retired professors Gordon Kling and Diane DeFranco-Kling. There will be a variety show Sunday, October 21 at 2 p.m. honoring the Klings. If you would like to contribute by sharing a song or memory (no more than four minutes long), contact the Alumni Office. There will be a reception following the performance in the Student Union's newly renovated Cornerstone.

There is a very special 50th reunion planned for the class of 1962—these alumni are to gather on the third floor of Cooper Hall at 2 p.m. to check in.

Some of our older alumni are celebrating 70 years since their graduation! Those who graduated from 1942-1952 are invited to come to a reception from 4-6 p.m. in Cooper Hall, Presentation Lab I & II (3rd floor), followed by a dinner.

It’s an honor for our faculty, staff and students to witness all of these alumni returning to Sterling, reminding us that this school has been so important in young people’s lives for decades—125 years, in fact! We invite you to tell us how SC has impacted your life on the 125th website. Please contact the Alumni Office with your questions about Homecoming and the class reunions at 620.278.4228.

Back to the Classroom

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and become a college student again? Are you curious about the quality of education being offered to students at your Alma Mater today?

This year, on October 19th for the 125th anniversary, Sterling College will be offering SC Alumni and friends of the College a special opportunity to visit an assortment of classes. These classes encompass a variety of majors and exemplify the type of education offered to students. Visitors will be able to interact with undergraduates and learn alongside them throughout the day.

In addition to the regular classes, two extra lectures will be given by retired faculty George Stone and Gordon Zahradnik. Professor Stone taught at Sterling for 19 years and was actively involved in the history and government, education, and philosophy departments, as well as serving as the Chair for the Department of Education, the Division of Humanities and Department of History and Government department at different times. His lecture is called "Classical and Modern Liberalism." Professor Zahradnik was the head of the art department at Sterling College for 26 years and taught drawing, painting, watercolor, color, and design. His lecture is titled “Art is Forever.” For a complete list of the classes offered click here.

Sterling College is excited to host many of these classes in Cooper Hall to further this special experience. So, whether you are traveling to Sterling for your class reunion, or just visiting for the musical or football game, we hope you will make the Alumni College part of your Sterling Homecoming 2012.

For those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity, sign up here. We hope to see you there!

Kansas' Party on the Prairie

The Kansas State Fair is not just a fun way for our college students to get off campus to enjoy rides, get a temporary henna tattoo, and eat deep-fried everything; it is also a great opportunity for the College to reconnect with alumni and create relationships with prospective students. SC set up a booth in the Meadowlark Building at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson each year, and as always, many parents, alumni, and faculty volunteered to help out. Among these was Aaron Kennedy, one of our theatre professors, who took time to answer some questions about the experience.

When asked what his favorite part of helping out was, he responded, “Definitively getting to meet so many alumni and parents! [It] really was both impressive and humbling to get a chance to come face-to-face with so many people who live in so many different places, who all got to share in the wonderful, life-changing, faith-affirming experience that is the four years they spend here.”

Kennedy added that his time helping in the booth was spent handing out pamphlets, info sheets, bags, and post-its, and simply trying to start conversations with anyone who walked by the booth. One of the best parts of the SC booth at the fair is all the alumni we get to see—Kennedy said, “It was great getting to talk to the alumni and hearing their stories, and watching them sign the alumni book, and look through it for fellow alumni they might know.”

Kennedy was able to experience other parts of the fair—he signed the alumni book for his alma mater, Emporia State, and rode the rides with his family one night. He concluded, “…I did gain, I think, a much deeper and more respectful understanding and perspective of just how many people this college has affected, in such an indescribably positive and loving way. We are really doing God’s work here, and I think that shows.”

It was another successful year at the fair, with many sightings of old friends, and meetings with potential new students.

New First Bank Family Pavilion

Sterling College football fans will probably notice something different as they enter Smisor Stadium this fall. There is now a covered pavilion on the south side of the grandstand; a gracious gift from the First Bank of Sterling! The local bank donated this structure to the College to enhance the area around the grandstand. Athletic Director, Gary Kempf, explained, “It’s just a really nice addition for people who might want to get out of the weather for a bit—just relax before the game.”
The First Bank Family Pavilion is located right by the main entrance to the stadium, and has a cement foundation and Warrior blue metal roof to fend off the sun and rain. It provides a much appreciated place for people to get out of the sun or rain, grab a snack from the concession stand, eat at the tables provided and mingle with fellow spectators before a football game.
The gift came in perfect time for fall football season and the Homecoming game. Kempf noted that the College is always looking for things to continually make our facilities nicer, and this wonderful addition certainly does that.


The Sterling golf program has been greatly benefited by the Thompson-O’Brien Golf Center over the last several years. According to the Head Golf Coach, Luke Cureton ’03, the Thompson-O’Brien Center is a “great area for our golf program for kids to practice and spend time together during the year.”
Seven years ago, when the golf program started, Tim O’Brien donated a golf simulator to help the students practice. For a while, it sat in a faculty member’s garage until the school gave permission for the storage shed behind the art building to be restored so that it could house the golf simulator instead.
This last year, several donations were made to the golf program that enabled renovations to take place in the old building. These included building new walls, adding insulation and carpet, creating a drop down ceiling, removing the old garage door and installing a second entrance for security purposes, as well as buying a heating and cooling unit. Coach Cureton stated, “With the renovations, it is now a great building. The kids can get in at night to practice and when the weather isn’t conducive to being outside, we can still go inside to practice.” The Center also has an area to work on putting.
Although it’s been a long process, requiring much appreciated hard work and donations, the golf students and coaches at Sterling College are happily making use of the “new” building and simulator.

SC Online offers new Organizational Management Degree

Spread the word about our new Organizational Management degree! Sterling College is proud to call you our alumni. We hope that your educational accomplishments have helped you reach your goals. We are excited to tell you about our newest endeavor and welcome your referrals! We are now offering an online bachelor’s degree in organizational management. Online courses will start every 5 weeks beginning November 5th with the degree completed in 24 months. Tuition is $350 per credit hour and all digital textbooks and an iPad are included! Check out our website at om.sterling.edu and be sure to spread the word about our online organizational management program! If you know someone who might be interested, please email us the referral at online@sterling.edu and we will do the rest!

Warriors in the Woods

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Beach House Grill
125 S College Ave., Fort Collins, CO

Join us for a taco bar, SC prizes, and time to meet Scott Rich, executive vice president and chief financial officer, who will provide an update on our College.

Amy Thompson ’96, director of alumni and parent relations will also be attending and is eager to connect with you. This event is in place of an event in Estes Park. It is our hope that you will be able to join us!

The event is free for any current student or any prospective high school student;
all others are $10 payable in advance.

RSVP to Theresa at 800.346.1017, ext. 219 or advancement@sterling.edu by Wednesday, October 3rd.

Visit us online at www.sterling.edu/alumni or on Facebook

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