\*Please feel free to pass this newsletter to others. If you received this from a friend and would like to be on our list, please drop us a line at in


*Please feel free to pass this newsletter to others. If you received this from a friend and would like to be on our list, please drop us a line at info@arrowcan.com .*

This is our FIFTH year in business and we want to thank you for all of your support during these start-up years. It's been GREAT to have a community of people like yourself around us. THANKS.

We are always going to be centered on PEOPLE and not primarily on technologies (even though this drives some TTOs mad!). So our newsletter is no exception. It is geared to making this community closer and more aware of all of its members.

We'd appreciate your feedback on this our inaugural issue of the ArrowCan Newsletter.We are thinking that it will come out ABOUT twice a year and contain three sections: News, Views, and Challenges. So let's get on with it:


We have a new client:

On June 1 2010 ArrowCan signed a one year contract with Intellectual Ventures Canada (based in Vancouver) to help connect them to the best people and technologies in Canada in their areas of interest.

We've been traveling:

This past fiscal year we have traveled the equivalent of moving across the country from one extremity to the other TEN TIMES. We've done 118 visits to research institutes and connected more than 200 people to others. It's a rich learning experience and we are so grateful to you for your welcome and help.

... and we have seen some changes

We count altogether 18 TTOs and related institutions where the leadership and/or the policy or some other important ingredient has changed during our last Fiscal Year (Aug 1 2009 to Aug 1 2010). It seems change is in the wind. Have we missed any? Please let us know if we have. There's a story around each of these and we'd be happy to hear your version and/or share ours. Just drop us a line. Here's the list as we see it at this point in time:

Simon Fraser (Jean Trask => Ian Hand (Q4 2009))
Alberta Innovates (complete re-organization)
Calgary (Paul Cataford => Darren Massey (Q2 2010))
TECEdmonton (Pam Freeman (acting) => Chris Lumb (Q4 2009))
Sick Kids (Stuart Howe => Arlene Yee (Q1 2010))
UOIT (Mike Szarka => Ann Dulhanty (Q1 2010))
Brock (Hitesh Jain => ... (Q3 2010))
Ottawa Health Research Institute (Eileen McGregor => Joe Irvine ( Q2 2010))
Ryerson (Robert Dirstein => Linda Vranic (acting Dir) (Q2 2010))
Guelph (policy AND leadership) (Patricia Lorenz => Erin Skimson (Q3 2010))
Windsor (new dedicated person) Horst Schmidt (Q1 2010))
Toronto (MaRS and the new ONE policy in Ontario)( Tom Corr new CEO of OCE (Q1 2010))
Waterloo (Tom Corr => Scott Inwood (Q1 2010))
McGill pretty extensive re-organization still underway in Q3 2010
Sherbrooke (Jacques Lajoie => Pierre-Richard Gaudreault (interim) (Q3 2010))
Dalhousie (Ron Layden => Kevin Dunn (acting Dir) (Q1 2010))
Mount Allison (Sophie Theriault => Anna Sheridan-Jonah (Q1 2010))
UPEI (Vanessa Williamson => Sophie Theriault (Q1 2010))

Our Daughter was married last year

In June 2009 Katayun and Paul were married. Since then Paul has graduated from Medicine at McMaster and started his residency in Family Practice at Trillium Hospital. Katayun had already graduated medicine at UofT when they got hitched and is now in her second year of residency (also in Family Practice) at McMaster.



Community Colleges

Community Colleges seem to be coming up REALLY fast and staking a place in the continuum of tech transfer. We have visited CCs in seven provinces so far and have always been impressed with what they are doing despite the lack of allocated time for "research". Two things seem to distinguish them from the more conventional Tech. Transfer operations we are familiar with.
1. They are NOT per se interested in IP protection.
2. They are not too "fussed" about royalties and percentages etc.
They ARE however interested in EMPLOYMENT for their graduates and they seem to serve the local SMEs in their areas best. This makes them a valuable asset for the local industry. My question is why aren't UNIVERSITIES engaging their local colleges much more in a real sense by using them to help take that final step before commercialization of something (prototype building, fixing small bugs in production runs etc etc etc). Drop us a line if you have a theory on this. Several former university TTO members have seen the light and engaged with the local Community Colleges. Some names that you might recognize that pop to mind are Ray Hoemsen, Lorne McGregor, Vanessa Williamson, and Derek Gratz. They all seemed VERY happy and somehow empowered to do great things the last time we visited them in their new jobs. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject and to receive any updates to this expanding list that you may have run across.

We are also getting involved with CC activity in VARIOUS capacities, the latest of which is Adi's involvement with CONII-NIE on the Project Allocation Committee (PAC) (thank you Mark Hoddenbagh of Algonquin College for nominating us and thank you Vanessa Williamson for putting our name forward). Adi is also involved with a course to help recent HQP immigrants find appropriate employment through a local community college.

If you are not yet involved with the college near you, you may want to check it out!

Tech. Challenges

Lithium Batteries

We all use them and they are EVER more pervasive in our lives. But can we sustain this level of use and disposal or are we looking at another oil-type crisis. Do YOU know of good lithium recovery technology? There is a demand out there for this.

Grand Challenge to Mitigate Global Waming

Someone I know recently pointed out that if we could make the surface of the ocean only 3% more reflective we could seriously change the rate of global warming. Any ideas about how this could be done?

Let us hear from you. This is a community and we value YOUR input. You can get our coordinates from the web page