We are almost FULL!!! Exposed Down Under is offering Keynote Day passes for the remaining place, which will entitles you to attend the lecture presen

Keynote Offer

We are almost FULL!!!

Exposed Down Under is offering Keynote Day passes for the remaining place, which will entitles you to attend the lecture presentations on that day - the schedule outline is below:

There are no multi-day or studio discount and this has been designed for those who would love to come and just can't make the full three days.

Please Note -This option does not include any workshop sessions

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Industry Opening Night

With the final week of preparation until our big event underway, we would like to recap some of the recent announcements that we've made.

First of all, this Exposed Down Under event will be the last workshop that will be held. To celebrate, we are extending our Opening Night to our photo & video industry peers for an evening of celebration.

To BOOK your attendance register HERE

Details for the Opening Night are below:

Opening Night

The Editor's Challenge



Conditions of Participation:

Congratulations to all those who are participating in this challenge. Each year we have seen some outstanding results and the learning that has resulted has been amazing.

Please NOTE that the footage will be supplied as original Canon mov files - so you need to make sure that your editing program and computer can handle those files. You don't want to waste time converting footage.

Here are some guidelines:

• You will need to supply an empty hard drive so we can transfer footage over – it will need to be clearly labelled so we can ensure we give the right drive to the right people

• The length is entirely up to you and bear in mind that you have only 2hrs to edit. Each person has individuality - we are looking for storytelling in your style of production

• You can choose your own music – ideally something from our sponsors at The Music Bed - that can be licensed if you win

• You need to use the footage that we give you only – this is to ensure everyone is on the same level playing field so NO stock footage

• The edit needs to be completed by the end of the two hours – time thereafter is for rendering out.


Canon Australia

Major Prize - CANON 5D MKIII

Canon, our major sponsor has announced today, what we will be 1st Prize for the EDITOR'S CHALLENGE!!!

Yep, that's right :) Canon will offer the EOS 5D Mark III Premium Kit (with EF24-105LIS lens) as the prize

Exposed Down Under is proud to be leading the way in introducing this technology to our attendees.

The EOS 5D Mark III delivers images like you have never experienced before, as a result of the incredible 22.3 megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor and fast DiG!C5+ image processor.

Shoot FULL High Definition movies (1920x1080: 30p/25p/24p) Superior Image Processing DiG!C 5+ Processor means faster processing and improved noise reduction at high ISOs.

The EOS 5D Mark III has refined the high-performance DSLR camera category

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