PRESS RELEASE - GCC Launch - March 06, 2014 Contact: Denise D’Rozario at or 612.709.2901 or Sofia Quesada at sofia@worldsavvy.o


PRESS RELEASE - GCC Launch - March 06, 2014
Contact: Denise D’Rozario at or 612.709.2901 or Sofia Quesada at or 612.424.5036

THE GLOBAL COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE -Transforming Teaching for the 21st Century

The Global Competence Certificate (GCC), the first of its kind online graduate level certificate program for in-service educators is being launched this week. Leading education experts Teachers College, Columbia University, World Savvy, and Asia Society, have formed a unique collaboration to offer this groundbreaking online program in global competence education for teachers nationwide. According to Dana Mortenson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of World Savvy “This unique collaboration between the founding partners allows us to leverage the collective expertise and experience of three leaders in teacher preparation and global competence education, and we hope will significantly expand the pipeline of teachers who are prepared to embed global competence into teaching and learning. ”

The GCC program is designed to increase the capacity of K-12 educators to teach for global competence - the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for college, career and life in a global interconnected world. Global competence is rooted in our changing reality and is constantly evolving with the world, and includes a range of concepts, values, and behaviors such as appreciation for cultural differences, ability to understand and consider multiple perspectives, capacity for highly critical and analytical thinking, comfort with ambiguity and change, and understanding the complexity of global issues. With its online format, the GCC program will be accessible to educators worldwide who are interested in integrating global competence teaching into their practice, and give them the opportunity to choose the enrollment option that is most suitable for them.

The Global Competence Certificate program itself models the kind of learning and opportunities that teachers will in turn seek to develop with their students in the classroom. Taught by Teachers College faculty and renowned educators from across the country, the GCC program has an innovative learning model comprising three components: online academic coursework that supports the development of global understanding and the skills needed to teach for global competence in a K-12 environment, immersive global fieldwork with partner institutions from across the globe, and collaborative practice group work with educator participants working in small cohorts to develop a capstone project that supports implementation of global competence education. “ The design of the GCC program gives teachers current information and insights about rapid global changes while helping them to translate this knowledge into their practice as teachers,” said William Gaudelli, Associate Professor of Social studies and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

“We’re particularly thrilled at TC to be part of this promising collaboration with World Savvy and the Asia Society,” said Teachers College President Susan H. Fuhrman. “Children are growing up in an increasingly complex and interdependent world – so it’s critical that they receive the best in teaching and learning that prepares them to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This need is particularly urgent for students in underserved urban communities. To that end, this program will help teachers in U.S. schools to develop the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that they can then bring to their classrooms – with the goal to help their students take full advantage of the opportunities that this new global economy and society offers.”

The Global Competence Certificate program addresses a critical need faced by schools and educators to prepare students with the real world skills that they need to succeed in today’s interconnected world. “As our communities, schools, and workplaces become increasingly diverse and students graduate to compete for jobs with their cohorts around the world, knowing about the world and having a comfort operating within it is a necessity for all students to be successful.” said Anthony Jackson, Vice President, Education and Leadership at Asia Society “The issues of our time – from immigration to public health to economic development in our hometowns – are impacted by global forces. Work and life moving forward requires students and teachers who can work with diverse cultures in their community and abroad, understand world issues, operate creatively in changing conditions, think critically about complex challenges, and take action locally and globally to do something about the issues that concern them.”

The Global Competence Certificate program is an opportunity to teach for the 21st century by creating a national cohort of globally competent educators that are able to prepare all students to succeed in a global economy, effectively address global challenges and to share opportunities for global collaboration. It will allow district and school leaders across the country the opportunity to build a cadre of globally competent leaders, and more systematically integrate global competence education into schools.

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