Wishing for a Family for ChristmasIntroducing "Holden" “Holden” desires a family for Christmas! Our family personally met “Holden” in China on two s

Wishing for a Family for Christmas

Introducing "Holden"

“Holden” desires a family for Christmas! Our family personally met “Holden” in China on two separate adoption trips, and we think he is an awesome kid! Miraculously, he recently became available for adoption, but his family needs to find him, and then start the adoption process right away! Please consider how you can be personally involved in this Christmas story we want to see come true. You can pray! You can share this note! And most importantly, for those considering adopting an extraordinary, aging out older child, you can prayerfully consider welcoming “Holden” as a son.

Who is this amazing, handsome boy you might ask? “Holden” is a child who was born with the genetic condition of albinism that causes a lack of pigment in the hair, skin and eyes resulting in lower vision. (We have adopted three children with albinism and can testify that this is an entirely manageable special need.) He is also an orphan…fatherless and motherless for 13 years, growing up in the orphanage without a family.

Now that the “labels” are out of the way, let’s talk about the winsome person who is “Holden.” He greeted us on our first adoption trip in 2010 with a friendly, American “Hello!” On our second adoption trip in 2012, he greeted us again at the gate. Later, he told us via our guide that he wished he could be adopted too. Can you imagine the size of the lumps in our throats? He’s watched babies and young children go live with families. How brave of this boy to voice his desire! You have not, because you ask not! Well, he asked! Although we are not his family, we told him that we liked him very much. He obviously appreciated this complement, because he fist-pumped an enthusiastic, all-boy, “Yes”! as if to say, “I knew I was awesome.” And he is! Or maybe his fist-pump implied, “Yes! I have a chance.” To underscore his value, we invited him to lunch with the director and nannies and later hugged him goodbye.

The orphanage director described him in his adoption file in the same way that we pegged his personality after spending time with him. “Holden” likes to help others and this is evident in many photos of ours and other adoptive parents from this orphanage. He helped to take care of our two adopted children from the same orphanage, so he has a special place in our hearts. His file also states that he helps the children in the orphanage by feeding them “delicious food” and entertains them by singing to them! He has a heartwarming list of adjectives describing his personality: handsome, kind-hearted, helpful, obedient, smart, good with younger children, social, optimistic, polite, and friendly. In addition, he likes to sing and play sports and does well in school. When we met him, he seemed comfortable in his own skin, and we think he is a pretty cool kid!

To the forever family who finds him and answers “Yes” to this plea, there will be a matching fist-pump in China! We can only imagine what he could become, beyond what he has already overcome, with the unconditional love and support of a family.

Please pray for “Holden” and pass it on!

Click below to watch a video gallery of photos of "Holden."
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Wishing for a Family: Introducing "Holden" from Kristin Calhoun on Vimeo.

Please contact us with any questions from our personal interaction with “Holden" or to learn more about the special need of albinism at KristinCalhoun@outlook.com

"Holden" is on the shared list at the CCCWA. Our friend in advocacy is Annie Hamlin with Lifeline Children's Services, and she welcomes communication for more information about adopting from China, older child adoption, or to help families review the adoption file for “Holden." Annie.Hamlin@LifelineChild.org