The story of a very lucky bear: Jigsaw! Hi everyone! I can hardly believe that this December marks four years since I started Adoptamoonbear and 3 ye


The story of a very lucky bear: Jigsaw!

Hi everyone! I can hardly believe that this December marks four years since I started Adoptamoonbear and 3 years since we raised the initial $14,500 to rescue Jigsaw. Over these 4 years YOU have helped raise almost $40,000 to keep our commitment to care for Jigsaw. Little did I realise how wonderfully supportive so many of you would be. A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donate, encouraged and inspired me on this journey!

BinhDuong Farm 1

4 years ago Jigsaw's life was horrible, imprisoned in a shipping container... with who knows what future...


I'm sure this wasn't the life he dared believe in....

Once again with your support we are going leaps & bounds in our 4th puzzle.


Not so long ago in July....


And look at me NOW!

With a special anniversary gift from Year 6 at Arundel State School in QLD!


Kim donates book proceeds to AAF's bears!

HUGE thanks to the dedicated students in Year 6 Classes B&C at Arundel State School, QLD who studied moon bears and bear-bile farming as part of their curriculum with their relief teacher Gen Salat. Working with Australian author Kim Dale's beautiful book & terrific teaching tools, (great for any parent wanting to discuss bear bile with kids) the students were SO inspired they decided to help the bears. A bit of web-searching produced Adoptamoonbear's website and voila! They donated the proceeds of their raffle to our Jigsaw, turning over 5 pieces ($425) and helping us sail over the halfway mark! I just think it's amazing when young people connect with the plight of animals and then ACT! It doesn't have to be complicated fuNraising but every bit makes a difference: both the money AND the growing awareness! Thank you to the raffle sponsors too!

DM Xmas Webcover

And if you would like to send a donation to Jigsaw on behalf of someone special please email me and Jigsaw will create a Merry Beary Christmas Thank You note. I will email you a pdf which you can then print out and give to your friend.


A little update on Dickie Bear Dugmore

sPoetry Dick Sept 2009

now you can LISTEN to my story!

Many of you loved Dickie Bear Dugmore's poem featured in our last newsletter. Here's a chance to smile a bit more and be moved once again by his story in this delightful rendition, read by English actress Rula Lenska - it's priceless!! It won't take long, but it will stay with you...

And how about this display of ingenuity from Wang Cai, when his swing broke


What do you when your swing breaks? You FIX it!

Introducing Mr Handy Bear! Clever Wang Cai wasted no time doing some running repairs. Click this photo for more pix and the full story - he's clearly been paying attention! Perhaps with another month in Scouts he will get the knots down pat!


Beyond the Bamboo reporting in for the Festive Season


Sunny Side UP! More bears deserve this, don't you think???

Hi Everyone! Sal has been hogging the newsletter! I've been lying around waiting and waiting...and then... well...the sun came out... and before I knew it the feet went UP and I'd composed a little poem:

I love a little Sun!
Especially on my Tum!
If I get it in December
It is something I'll remember!


So here we are at Christmas!! All of you with family and friends...and me too, with my "family" and friends here at Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre...with Chocoloate & Sam, Tuan and the Team who make all our dreams come true.

But I know that it is really all of YOU who make their dreams come true... So I hope you can find it in your hearts to send them - and us bears - a little extra cheer this Christmas!




Wishing you all a safe & happy Christmas. Click on the photo below to enjoy "Jingle Bears" starring Animals Asia's moon bears. Have a very, Merry Beary Christmas from Sal & Jigsaw


Watch our Youtube of bears enjoying their own Merry Beary Christmas with "Jingle Bears"!

p.s. left your run a bit late for the stocking?? Remember our Happy Bear cards & t-towels! There's still a few days to post! :o)

bear tea towel

Just $15 plus postage. Click the pic and email Sal !


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