Dear Friends, This is the November issue of the monthly e-newsletter produced by Reaping Hope. With this newsletter we aim to raise our voice agains

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Dear Friends,

This is the November issue of the monthly e-newsletter produced by Reaping Hope.
With this newsletter we aim to raise our voice against the prevailing elder abuse in Nepal and all over the world. It is also a medium to put
forward the scenario of senior citizens in our country.

RH hopes this newsletter and all the information collected shall be effective learning medium to all our reader and successfully deliver the
message against elder abuse. We kindly request you to share this information as much as possible and join us in our mission to stand
against elder abuse all over the world.

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BIRATNAGAR: Mr. Pahad Chand Rajbanshi, 60 and his wife Mrs. Ansho Devi of Derwesha VDC-8, Morang, reached in contact to police after they were forced to sign an agreement that they will be responsible if anyone in the village gets ill. The elderly couple has been abused by their own relatives and villagers accusing them that they practice witchcraft. The victims have filed a case against 8 people for harassing them. Rajbanshi and his wife have reported that they have been fed urine and stool and abused mercilessly.

A man, who appeared to be in his 60s, was found dead in front of the Golden Gate at the Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday. His identity has not been asserted yet, said police.

Source: Himalayan News Service, October 19, 2012

OKHALDHUNGA: It might take the wind out of your sails but the hard truth is a woman of Patle VDC-8, Okhaldhunga has been living in a cave for 64 years, and continuing. “Though I have a small plot of land, I have been living here for long as I could not build a house of my own,” Kalimaya said. “I had stepped into the cave as a bride when I was 13 and has been living here since,” she added.

IMG 8782

An Elderly enjoying 'Ping' (Swing, erected during Dashain- the biggest festival of Hindus in Nepal.)


KATHMANDU: The Curriculum Development Center decided to include education regarding Senior Citizens in the curriculum of secondary level school education. The decision has been made with an objective to make the young students aware about the issues of elderly people and the importance of respecting them. The center has made a decision to add 8 new subjects including this to secondary education, these subjects will be optional. According to the sub-director of the center, Mr. Bhatarai, these days skilled manpower is regarded important and it is necessary to train the students from young age about these issues which will help them in future to get employment as well. Various organizations working for the elderly people had been putting forward the issue of including this issue in formal education. This step has been taken in order to preserve the tradition of respecting the senior citizens, said Mr. Chhatra Man Pradhan, General Secretary of National Senior Citizens Federation.

Source: Annapurna Post daily, October 29, 2012


PM Bhattari receiving Dashain tika from an elderly at the old age home in Gaushala. (Photo: Republica)

KATHMANDU: Sankalpa Nepal, a non-governmental organization working in the sector of rights and welfare of the senior citizens, held an interaction with journalists on Wednesday. The interaction was organized with the objective of discussing the human rights of the senior citizens and what reforms were needed in the social security.

Reaping Hope celebrated the 22nd International Day of Older Persons with the senior citizens living in Nisahaya Sewa Sadan, an oldage home in Tinkune, Kathmandu. The International Day of Older Persons is observed in different parts of the world with different events and programs. The program, ” A Meal with the Elderly” was organized by Reaping Hope with the help of Mr. Prajol Dongol, an entrepreneur and a considerate citizen. On the 2nd of October, the team of RH visited 48 elderly living in the old age home and spent time with them while also provided them a proper lunch.

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Mr. Prajol Dongol welcoming elderly

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Mr. Robin Thapa Magar, Vice-president of Reaping Hope distributing tea among elderly

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Elderly eating during the program

BHARATPUR: The elderly couple who had been living in the streets are getting help from different parts of the world. Purnaprasad – 76 and Bhaktakumari Dhamala – 71 recently got Rs. 92000 through a Facebook campaign started by Sarita Gurung, a resident of Pokhara now living in Kathmandu.

SOLUKHUMBU: One cataract surgery has changed the life of 70-yearold Tilamaya Bishwokarma of Patle VDC, Okhaldhunga on Monday.

Suffering from cataract, Tilamaya had lost her eye sight 16 months ago. After successful operation at a free eye camp organised at the Solu Hospital in Phaplu, she was elated and thanked God to have her eyesight back.

The free eye camp, organised in Phalpu from Sunday on the eve of the World Sight Day, is expected to benefit hundreds of people.

IMG 8728

A Senior Citizen with his granddaughter after putting 'Tika' during Dashain Festival in Kotdada VDC, Lalitpur- Nepal.

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