Do you have a hard time remembering that you are here on this earth for a greater purpose? Our students are hearing this message repeatedly throughout

Do you have a hard time remembering that you are here on this earth for a greater purpose? Our students are hearing this message repeatedly throughout the year in our chapels on Wednesday morning and Sunday evening. Campus Chaplain, Christian Dashiell ’02, has us listening to Scripture for testimony of who the Lord is in our lives.

That’s the short and sweet of it, of course. You are each invited to join us for chapel if you are in town Wednesdays at 10 am or Sundays at 7 pm. Come and worship with us!

A greater purpose. God’s purpose. That stills my heart and sets it racing all at once. I’m not just rambling along if I’m focusing on God and His word. He will direct my path. God’s word is full of promises for us. I’m working on being in the Word more and more. Some days are better than others. Then I hear testimony of some of our alumni and how God has encouraged, challenged and used them. People leaving a legacy behind in their family and career. People like the thousands who are raising their own children as well as foster children “in the way they should go.” People like the numerous scientists and medical and behavioral professionals working diligently to find ways to heal God’s people.

I’m moved. I’m moved to action in my life and in the world. I pray that you remember that you are here for a greater purpose. I hope that you see Sterling College as part of your greater purpose. Your support of SC is helping so many students see the greater purpose God has for them. You are helping make God’s love tangible to so many. Thank you, for your testimony.

Amy Thompson ‘96
Dir. of Alumni & Parent Relations


Is Sterling College in your estate plan?

As officers of the College visit with alumni and friends across the country, they often hear that people have made provision for the College to benefit from their final act of stewardship. Such news is not only important to the College, but it also serves as a great encouragement to the faculty and staff. Knowing that there are coming gifts in the future gives an assurance that Sterling College will continue to work in the lives of its students.

Many of us were blessed by professors, fellow classmates, activities, coaches, staff members and the spiritual and educational programs of Sterling. Remembering the College in our last act of stewardship is a powerful way to leave a testimony to the good that we received from Sterling College.

Whether you have been personally visited by a representative of the College or not, we encourage you to send us a note, an email, or call us to let us know that you have made provision for Sterling to receive a portion of your final distribution of God’s resources to you. We would like to include you in our growing Kelsey Society – those who have made this wonderful commitment to Sterling’s future. Your name, listed alongside the others of the Society will stand as your witness to the life-changing mission of Sterling College. Contact Don Reed ’68 at 800.346.1017 or



Convocations are a time for the campus to come together to learn and reflect as a community. This spring semester there are four convocations scheduled. Students are required to attend two each semester. The community and alumni are welcome to join us if you are in town.

The first convocation of the semester was held the end of January and was presented by the Kansas Teachers of the Year. All convocations are Fridays at 10 AM in Culbertson Auditorium. At this time, convocations are not currently being filmed; however if you are interested in assisting to make this technology available to our students for their educational benefit and the benefit of the greater SC community, you may contact Dr. Marv Dewey, vice president of institutional advancement at 800.346.1017 or

February 17 - Black History Month Convocation. SC Alum Windell Middlebrooks will be speaking.

March 30 - Heritage Convocation. An enjoyable time to connect with Sterling College’s rich history, focusing on the legacy of the theatre and Diane DeFranco-Kling and Gordon Kling, retiring theatre professors.

April 27 - Honors Convocation. An opportunity to recognize student achievements.


The Alumni Directory
You should have all received postcards and possibly phone calls. The quickest and simplest way to end those is to return the call, confirm your information and accept or decline the option to purchase the new directory. That’s it! It should take only about 10 minutes! Quick, simple and painless, what more could you ask?

PCI is a well-established and respected company in the narrow field of alumni directory publishing companies. Your information is shared by PCI with the Sterling College Advancement Office. The Sterling College Alumni Directory is only available for purchase to Sterling College alumni. This is the same format as all previous directories. You may choose to update your information with the alumni office via PCI, but not include it in the actual alumni directory. That is certainly your choice and we respect that completely.


Alumni Interview Series
This e-news was created a number of years ago to bless you with information about the current state of the College. We want to include things you, as alumni, want to read. We’ve heard from several of you that you would like to hear from other alumni and where they are today. This is the first of many such interviews that we hope you will enjoy.

Sterling College: When did you graduate from Sterling College?
Mary Trotter: 1969.

SC: What were your major and minor?
Mary Trotter: Biology and psychology, respectively. They’ve both come in handy over the years.

SC: What activities were you involved with while on campus?
Mary Trotter: The home economics club, Le Bon Ton, and SGA.

SC: What residence hall did you live in?
Mary Trotter: I lived in Evans as an underclassman and McCreery as an upperclassman.

SC: What are you doing now?
Mary Trotter: [Dr. Corky Trotter fs69, my husband, and I] run the Dodge City Round-up Rodeo. We have been raising money to fight cancer at the rodeos in Dodge. Saturday nights are huge. We partner with Wrangler in an initiative called, “Tough enough to wear pink.” We raised over $100,000 for Dodge City residents with cancer in the last year. Women are able to get free mammograms with our funds. We feel like we’re called to this. It’s not exactly mission work, but we meet a lot of good families. “We also work with a group called Circle of Hope, which functions by collecting donations to help folks pay for groceries and rent, etc. Corky and I work with our church youth group, too.
SC: You are married with children. What are their names? Did they go to Sterling College? We have three kids. Their names are Shannon Hare ’94 (FL), Courtney Bauer fs98 (McPherson, Kan.), and Seth Trotter (MO). We also have 5 grandchildren.

SC: Where do you live?
Mary Trotter: Dodge City, Kan.

SC: How did your experience and time at Sterling College shape you?

Mary Trotter: I think a lot of it was just the friendships and the people who I met who had a positive influence on me. They did introduce dancing while I was there. That was kind of fun.

SC: What did you enjoy or appreciate most about Sterling College?
Mary Trotter: The closeness, the smallness, the family atmosphere, you pretty much knew everybody. I liked that so much. Everywhere you went, you knew someone you could talk to or who could help you if you needed it.

_SC: Do you have any children or relatives who attend or work at the College now? _
Mary Trotter: No, but we have friends like Amy Thompson ’96 and Don Reed ’68.

SC: How are you remaining involved on the campus?
Mary Trotter: My husband worked with the Athletic Training team a couple of months ago. They came down here to get training in care for concussions.
Note: Dr. Trotter gave a donation this fall to pay for Impact, software that test baseline neurological functions in athletes after a concussion. He is a close friend and supporter of the Sterling College Athletic Training program.

SC: Do you mind if we include an email address so people can get a hold of you?
Mary Trotter:


Who are today’s SC students? Click and find out!


Are you connected?
Many companies opt out of formally advertising their job openings because they can find qualified candidates via networking, or through people they know and trust. Sterling College encourages students to make business connections while in college so they have a number of contacts to rely on in their job searches as seniors and later in life. Formal networking events such as Networking Night allow them to do just that.

Networking Night, an event hosted by Career Services and Alumni Relations, will take place this semester on the evening of Tuesday, February 28th. The goal of this event is to provide SC students an opportunity to learn and practice networking, a skill that has proven to be one of the most effective job search strategies available.

Contrary to popular belief, networking isn’t just for people in the field of business. Past Networking Night events have successfully brought together students and professionals in a variety of career fields including art, media, education, and ministry, to name a few. If you would like to be involved in future Networking Night events, please contact Amy Thompson ‘96 at or Lisa Parson fs06, Director of Career Services, at


COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU – for all alumni & friends of SC:

8 March – SC Choir Tour begins!

We are heading West and hope to finalize details shortly. Here are just a few dates to note. I will be traveling with the tour (on the bus, talk about memories!) for most of the tour and hosting receptions following the performances and visiting the schools with them. Let us know if you or your students are at these schools and we’ll have something special for you when we see you. The first day we will be at Liberal High School and the First Presbyterian Church in Liberal, Kans. Details to follow in next month’s e-News.

31 March – PLAY BALL!

All living in or traveling to the Phoenix, Ariz. area should grab their gloves for a day at the ball park. We will start at 10:30 a.m. in Surprise with a tailgate prior to the 1:05 p.m. game where we will watch the KC Royals play the AZ Diamondbacks. Tickets to the game are $20. Be sure to get your reservations in by March 15 at or 800.346.1017 ext. 219.

13 April – Mississippi Valley Alumni Chapter.

All in the Quad Cities area of Iowa/Illinois the weekend after Easter should stop by the First United Presbyterian Church at 801 16th St, Moline IL. There will be a potluck at 6:30 followed by presentations by Don Reed ’68, planned gifts officer and Amy Thompson ’96, dir. of alumni & parent relations.

14 April – Missouri Valley Alumni Chapter

All in the Omaha area are invited to the home of Rev. Bob ‘54 & Barbara Meanor for a celebration of all things Sterling College. Mark your calendar now and watch for more details to come.

19-20 October – HOMECOMING

“Connecting to the Past, Looking to the Future”


A Sterling College Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in Sterling, Kan., there lived a homecoming princess. Her name was Caitlin Magee, a kindhearted volleyball player from San Leandro, Calif. When she was nominated by her class to the 2011 homecoming court, she thought nothing of it. Ever humble, the princess lived day to day focusing on her school work, athletics, and resident assistant duties, never dreaming of what was ahead. When they nominated her, the campus could not have imagined that they had begun a new chapter in the story of the queens of Sterling’s past.

Every good fairy tale has a royal family, and Sterling’s is no different. This particular royal family’s story extends back 63 years and three generations. In 1948, Sterling College’s Homecoming Queen was freshman Marjorie (Tedford) Cunningham. She found her way here in pursuit of a higher education, one of sixteen women in her graduating class. Twenty-seven years later, Cunningham’s crown was placed on the head of her daughter, Louise (Cunningham) Magee. Louise was a junior at the College at the behest of her mother, Marjorie. Louise came back to campus another 36 years later to see her daughter, Caitlin Magee, crowned queen.

Had the tale ended there, it would have been interesting. However, the story goes on to inspire every girl who ever watched a Disney movie. Minutes before Magee’s coronation, Jordan Stineman of Salina, Kan., was announced king. The audience waited with bated breath to see if Stineman’s girlfriend, Caitlin Magee, would be announced queen. She was! As she bowed her head to receive the crown, Stineman turned to face her, got down on one knee and proposed. Amidst the cheers of well-wishers and the smiles and joyful tears of family, Magee agreed to marry him.

The happily ever after:
Today, Marjorie lives in Tulsa, Okla. She has five grandchildren. Louise is a high school English teacher in San Leandro, Calif. She is married to Randy Magee and they have three children: Bill, Caitlin, and Laura. Caitlin is a business major who will graduate in May 2012. She and Stineman plan to be wed in the summer following graduation. It seems that one can never know which ordinary lives will be touched by a fairy tale.

The family has spent time talking about how Sterling has shaped their heritage since Marjorie first arrived. All three of the women met their husbands here. Caitlin laughs and says, “We always joke that I am the favorite grandchild because I’m the only one who went to Sterling. It’s a place where all three of us have grown deeper in faith and in relationship with [Christ].”


Although it buzzed for weeks after Homecoming, the campus has since calmed down. However, with the recent arrival of the Sword in the Stone on Cooper Lawn, things seem to be shaping up for another fairy tale to begin.


Familiar Face Returns to College

February will bring a familiar face back to the Sterling College community. Susan Sankey is returning to the College to be the new director of annual giving. Read more here...


“You look exactly the same! You haven’t aged a day!”

It’s reunion time! This year’s alumni reunions will gather during Homecoming, Oct. 19-20. Reunion leadership is currently being recruited and we are in early planning stages to make this a great experience for alumni. Leadership is gathering and the ideas and memories are flowing. Keep watching for more details. Especially if you fit into one of the following categories: Young Alumni (out 15 years or less); Golden Alumni (out 51 years or more); all school Theatre reunion; Class of 1992, 1982, 1967, 1962.

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