Welcome to a combined Edition 29 of Fair News and hello 2014       Welcome to 2014 everyone. This is a combined edition not because I had a lazy J

Welcome to a combined Edition 29 of Fair News and hello 2014

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Cambodia 2014 - Amazing history

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Cambodia 2014 - Primary School Students

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Cambodia 2014 - Natural Wonders

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Cambodia 2014 - Rural Life

Welcome to 2014 everyone. This is a combined edition not because I had a lazy January, but because I have been travelling throughout Cambodia for the whole month. After a very busy 2013, it was time for a change of scenery and a re-set.

This was a family holiday, but with most overseas holidays, what is important to me is that I come home with a cultural and enriching experience. This is the first time in Cambodia for me and I really loved it, the young people in Cambodia are full of hope, eager to get educated as they can see this will provide them better opportunities but also eager to share their stories and proud of their heritage. There is still a lot of poverty, most people live in small villages, don't have land rights and grow rice, not every village has access to a school and there are lot of kids that do not attend school but work from an early age with their families, this makes the Cambodians very prone to exploitation.

There is a lot of foreign interest in Cambodia, a country that was devastated by the Pol Pot regime and had most of their intellectuals, artists, doctors, educators killed, it had to start all over again with what was left and this can take time and money. So the invasion of foreign interest is visible everywhere, from clothing factories, large high fenced compounds paying workers $80 a month for a 12 hours day to the exploitation of the natural environment and resources logging, dredging.

Big ships in amongst some of the most pristine rivers and mangroves digging up sand, this is what I saw in the Tatai River, just fifteen minutes by boat from our eco-resort we were staying. Apparently, without notice, this year, over 25 foreign ships arrived and started digging for sand, used by foreign countries for building, changing forever the landscape and eco-system of this area. Not to mention, what I personally saw, people working on these ships, throwing large bags of rubbish directly into the river. How can we have so little regard for our environment and our people.

But Cambodia has amazing cultural sites and natural sites as well as amazing people and for those us that like positive tourism, I really encourage visitors to choose countries like Cambodia because hopefully as a result of positive tourism, the government will see that it is worth while investing in protecting the natural environment and investing in people.

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Goel Community - fair trade not for profit

While I was in Cambodia I was lucky enough to attend the annual Fair Trade Fair in Siem Reap and meet amongst some of the the best ethical enterprises in Cambodia. There are social enterprises sprouting up everywhere and I encourage anyone that is planning to travel to Cambodia to consider buying souvenirs or gifts from one of these many enterprises. Not only do they employ local people, provide good working conditions and good wages, they are providing training and creating industries for the local people. We also discovered the 4 Rivers Floating River accommodation on the Tatai River in the heart of the pristine Cardamon Mountains, this is an eco-resort that employs and trains local people from the small island just across from the resort. The island has only 45 people and because of their remoteness are very poor and in the past had no other employment opportunity.

Highly recommended on your visit to Cambodia

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Eating at Romdeng and their many restaurants - hospitality social enterprise - plenty of vegetarian options as well


Time to get ready for the Fair Trade Fortnight 2014. We got some great things happening here in Melbourne and we look forward to sharing with you as the fortnight approaches. Put it in your diary and keep an eye for upcoming events during the fortnight.

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Calling all MFG Exhibitors, past, present & new!

Applications have now opened to participate in the Fair Trade Fortnight Moral Fairground Market held on Sunday the 4th May 2014 where the Atrium at Federation Square Melbourne will once again come to life for this annual event.
Come and showcase your products and connect direct with the public.

For more information on how to be involved please visit our website link

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Amazing volunteer opportunities

Moral Fairground and the events run by the association (the Victorian Fair Trade Festival, the Ethical Enterprise Award and Fair@Square) exist thanks to volunteers offering their time, their skills and their energy. It is time for you to express your interest in becoming a volunteer with Moral Fairground.
Why should you join us? It could be because you care about other people, about the planet. Or because you want to share your experience and develop new skills. Maybe you want to meet new people with the same interest as you or be part of a community? You can also decide to volunteer just as an act of generosity. As a French proverb says:
“Share your bread, it diminishes, Share your house, it does not diminish, Share your joy (your knowledge), it increases.”
Everyone is welcome, no matter if you have never been a volunteer before or if you don’t know everything about fairtrade and the different ethical business opportunities. Our team of coordinators will be there to help you and answer your questions. You can volunteer for one evening (at the Ethical Enterprise Award) or for the whole weekend (during Fair@Square). You can ask to be allocated to one of the activity tents (children, kitchen) or to the fashion show. You can also be an event support volunteer at the information booth or a photograph to capture the festival in images.
So bring your enthusiasm, your smile, your kindness, and welcome on board. To apply, go here to register your interest. Alternatively if you are still hesitant, contact Maxime Collado our volunteer coordinator, and ask him.

What about a Coordinator Role?

We are also looking for coordinators to fill in for the following positions: entertainment, children activities, fashion program, PR and marketing, cultural program, visual merchandise related program, creative program, event and project management, operations.
If you are interested, please send an email to Maxime Collado with your resume or a description of your profile. You can also find a form here. Coordinators are requested to commit for 12 months with the association and need to attend meeting monthly with the rest of the team.


Out and about

'London' engagement ring in 18ct Fairtrade certified gold with ethical diamonds

Fairtrade certified gold

Fairtrade GOLD now available in Australia

“It has been my goal to finally bring Fairtrade Gold to Australia”. Zoe Pook January 2014.

Zoe Pook designs each of her unique creations with gold from the Sotrami cooperative in Peru. Each ring in the collection is marked with the Fairtrade stamp. This guarantees the gold has been responsibly sourced and has been certified to Fairtrade Standards. To ensure the final piece of jewellery is truly ethical, diamonds and gems are sourced from a small number of trusted mines around the world. Bespoke ring designs can also be created by Zoe Pook using Fairtrade Certified Gold, visit the website

More information about Fairtrade Gold visit Fairtrade Gold and about the Peru Mine where Zoe Pook sources her gold visit Community Mining


Carolyn Tate

Book Lanuch - Unstuck in Provence

Carolyn Tate who recently did a brilliant job hosting the inaugural Ethical Enterprise Award 2013 is about to launch her new book. This is a book about a personal transformation, for more info visit the website Carolyn Tate
Date: Wednesday 26 February 2014
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Pawn & Co., 402 Chapel Street, South Yarra (above Fitness First)
Register here
See you there!

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A fairtrade rose for Valentine's Day

Want to know where to get your fair-trade roses for that someone special? Instant Karma Roses has roses every colour of the fairtrade rainbow, in many combinations, singles and mixed bouquet sizes this Valentine's Day. You can order on-line at Instant Karma Roses or at Terra Madre
103 High St, Northcote VIC and 2 Pocket Fair Trade 277 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC

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