President's Message: Greetings Great Plains Region Board, ▪▪ This newsletter is an effort to update you about Hadassah. The most recent update on H


President's Message:

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Greetings Great Plains Region Board,

This newsletter is an effort to update you about Hadassah. The most recent update on HMO is available by clicking the banner below. Information is changing daily so be sure to see the website for the most current status.

We have put links to subjects and other topics for you to click on and view in this newsletter.

Just a reminder that we have a very important board meeting on March 29-30 at the DoubleTree in Skokie, IL. The invitation is included in this newsletter. If you need an editable version, drop me an email at

At this Board meeting there will be a treasurers' training. Hopefully your treasurers will get some tips to make their jobs easier. Sherry Abramowitz, Region Treasurer, will lead this training. We would like all of the Chapter treasurers to come for this training, if possible.

Linda Ehrehsaft, our Region PRAZE Coordinator has sent a request for you to let her know if your chapter is having a heart health program. Please respond to her at Region Affair of the Heart grants are available.

Note that there is an effort to promote annual giving by encouraging chapter board members to become Chai Society Givers. Annual giving gives National Hadassah a good idea of how much money will be coming in yearly. There is information below on the Chai Society. The Region has Chai pins available. Please let Barbara Hecht know (, Chai Society Chair, if you need Chai pins.

Congratulations -- I am so pleased that the Region has made its overall goal and Tower goal. Thanks to your hard work and dedication to Hadassah.

June 1st will be a National Training for the six Midwest Hadassah Units. Those are Central States, Great Plains, Upper Midwest, Chicago-North Shore, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. You have received emails from Teree Farbstein, Region Chair with information. For more information, please contact Teree at

A National Convention update appears below. Please read it carefully.

The Region Brochure Chair (Charyl Rubin: has the new, up-to-date handout about Hadassah Facts. The size is 4 1/2" x 4". They can be viewed on the intranet under Catalog > then search "The Facts about Hadassah." It was suggested at the Executive Board Meeting that the Region have a supply to send to you. It's your choice: order them from National or order them from the Region. There will be samples of this brochure at the March meeting for you to review.

Also at the March Meeting I will have copies of Youth Aliyah and a Tower DVD.

I attended the Snowbird Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ on February 9th. It was a successful reunion of old friends. Thanks to our Great Plains Region chairs, Carol Herzog and Natalie Silverman for the very successful meeting. Betty Ashman from Chicago-North Shore was Carol and Natalie's counterpart and the Hadassah speaker was Fredi Brown, National Presidential Development Co-Chair. Another meeting took place on the same date in Naples, Florida, and the third meeting is taking place as I write this on February 23rd in Boca Raton, FL. Laurie Sterling will represent the Great Plains Region at this meeting.

Last month the Region sent letters to members of inactive chapters. I have received letters of thank you and I want to thank Mary Beth Cohen and Laurie Sterling for writing and facilitating this Region project.

The text below is from my acceptance speech in 2011. I find it amazingly relevant today, 2 1/2 years later.

"Today Hadassah, always dynamic, is changing again. An amazingly forward thinking organization, Hadassah is beginning its 2nd Century remembering its basics and finding the power to make the necessary changes to continue as a viable and respected organization. .... We have streamlined National and the Regions across the country, we are making tough decisions that are reflective of the financial times we live in and those changes, we hope, will affect Hadassah positively in the long run."

With fondest Hadassah regards,


Click on the Hadassah banner above to get up-to-the-minute updates on the status of HMO. This link provides facts, the most recent and archived newspaper articles, and comments. It changes daily.

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