From the President's Desk Guess what? We easily surpassed last month’s 10,000 “likes” on Facebook, now standing at 11,163--yeah, a thousand, and then


From the President's Desk


Guess what? We easily surpassed last month’s 10,000 “likes” on Facebook, now standing at 11,163--yeah, a thousand, and then some, more. On our best day last month, we garnered 124 new “likes.” The more “likes” we get, the larger our audience grows. Think of it as exponentializing--yes, the Queen decrees that is now a word!--our efforts. The more people who “like” us, the greater our outreach. In fact, our reach of “people talking about us” grew by 26% this week, and 62% the week before.

How does this translate to actual supporters? Over the past month, we have garnered more than 160 new signers from direct outreach, and many more through the website, often times citing Facebook as the source. We will also start cross-marketing between Facebook, Twitter and G+ this month, and will introduce a targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

Outreach since the last newsletter has been crazee-bizee. Sixteen FSP Ambassadors busted their tails in Tampa at Paul Fest and the Ron Paul Rally at the Sun Dome. We recruited 138 new signers, sold a ton of FSP merchandise, hobnobbed with literary luminaries like Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Anthony Gregory, Butler Shaffer and others, and handed out more than 5,000 FSP flyers to Ron Paul supporters. I did several interviews: the Washington Times, Reality Report, Tom Mullen, and Reason TV (not out yet). We still need significant donations to cover the expenses associated with the highly successful Tampa outreach. We are only at 37% of our stated goal. Please support our efforts and donate today!


Tatiana Moroz Signs (with Carla Mora)

Super-activists Shem K and Carla M also attended the Spirits of '76 Freedom Festival in Connecticut and snagged 14 new signers, including the very special lady singer, Tatiana Moroz. A contingent of 15 volunteers also attended MassCann in Boston, handing out troves of flyers, and Carla M got 9 more signers. This amazing woman is going to deserve a life-size Golden Porcupine!


Many Ron Paul supporters are wondering “what’s next.” We are what’s next. The time is now. As I said in my article in this month’s Freedom Phoenix, “this best sums up the FSP’s goal: to create the worldwide, go-to, non-third-world, English-speaking, land-based destination for free states of mind.”

Activists are wondering where to focus their energy now, and I know you know we know the time and place is New Hampshire: Right here, right now. Let’s watch the world wake up from history, let’s accelerate our efforts, let’s reach the 20,000 signers as soon as possible, and get this freedom party on the road to New Hampshire.


As Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams says: “If you build it, they will come”--OK, technically, Costner said: “If you build it, he will come,” but let’s not nitpick, since either way, you know “you didn’t build that.” But we did and we are! We are building the beacon of liberty for the rest the world to emulate. And I can assure President Obama, we are doing it despite government roads.

The Free State Project is putting the “move” in the liberty “movement.” New movers arrive weekly. More people than ever before are publicly stating their intent to move. Porcupines are making significant inroads, whether as political candidates, jurors nullifying unjust laws, testifying about important legislation, making documentaries, or just enjoying their lives in the state with the best quality of living.

Come make a difference and achieve true Liberty in Our Lifetime. The choice is yours. Make it and move.

Yours in peace and liberty,
Carla Gericke
FSP President


We Made the Move: The Harvey Brothers


"It's OK, I've been here before, you're expected to push," an American voice managed to cut through the thick of the human mass. We had never been to Kiev’s Boryspil Airport before, but I could feel the Communism was still in the air. Like humidity in a coastal city, it always manages to linger.

My brother Josh and I had left Ben-Gurion airport in Israel about four hours earlier and were rushing to make our connection to New York. Aah, I gasped as I started making my way to the gate. Finally on my way to the land of the free and the home of the… security lines, questioning booths, and body scanners.

The truth is, the first time I felt optimistic about my life change was about twenty hours later when we first drove our rental car past a large and clumsy sign that read: "Welcome New Hampshire. Live Free or Die."

Tel Aviv, July 2006: Josh and I had recently moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, as it was the wise choice for opening our niche electric guitar store. As I was on my way to reprimanding our contractor for his negligent work on renovating our store, I heard people on the street talking about the kidnapping of several soldiers on the border with Lebanon. Within days, Israel had retaliated. Immediately, the northern city of Haifa was, in return, heavily bombarded by Hezbollah rockets.

The reason I am bringing this up is because there was speculation that rockets would hit the south of Tel Aviv as well. And as upset as I was about an additional escalation of violence in the region, all I could think about was how I was going to pay rent with a war going on. I was no longer a college student eager to engage in a floating array of intellectual ideas, I was now an entrepreneur facing reality.

The Second Lebanese War ran in parallel to the renovation of our store, both traumatizing experiences, both ended several days prior to our Grand Opening. But, that was only the beginning of our libertarian training camp.

Over the next seven years, we were bombarded with virtually every kind of bureaucratic hurdle in the government’s arsenal. We were blacklisted by the national Standards Institute, audited by the tax authorities (because they owed us too much money), had our bank account frozen for a $200 debt to the municipality (several times), had our shipments held captive at the port for months (along with a $3,000 warehousing bill). And all we were trying to do was open the most exciting guitar store in Israel.

At first we researched the specific policies that pertained to our experience with the government, but it did not take us long to realize it was not just us. It was not an exclusive and secret government plan orchestrated to prevent guitar store diversity. It hit us. They were destroying all of the businesses and making everyone poor.

Eventually, six years later, our pragmatism led us to realize that Israel would not allow us to succeed as entrepreneurs and as libertarians. I say pragmatism because we loved our neighborhood and friends, and being close to our family. It was a calculated decision.

It’s been nine months since we arrived in New Hampshire. We’ve replanted the high-end guitar store we had in Israel, now named Stomp Romp Guitars. We’ve been to Liberty Forum and Porcfest, met amazing people who dedicate themselves to different sorts of important activism. We started the weekly Bitcoin Meetups, which is the most active Bitcoin Meetup in the world (thus making Manchester the de facto financial capital of the world).

And the longer I’m here, the more I realize that our move isn’t about being or becoming a Free Stater. It’s about applying independent thought to actions and knowing that your new friends are doing the same. Whether I talk to activists, civil disobedients, journalists, Bitcoin connoisseurs, State representatives or those who work tireless hours to get them elected, they all have that in common. They don’t wait for permission, they believe in their activism and share it with others.

That’s why I like the choice of the word “Project” in The Free State Project. It’s a fascinating idea to import masses of strong minded libertarian individuals who strive to create genuine impact, not a zealous herd of patriots in disguise. It is not solidarity we’re fighting for, but autonomy. And New Hampshire is where it is all coming together.

But enough talk of changing the world. I was asked to incorporate a culinary element into my experience of living in New Hampshire, and I can’t say I objected to the suggestion.

I have recently taken my awkward mustard obsession to the next stage, and will sell my very own La Moutarde des Treize Monstres at the weekly bitcoin meetups in Manchester. My three different mustards: Hot Curry, Medieval Hardal and Truffle Dijon.

I have also formulated a special recipe for you strong palated individuals:

Honey Hardal

4 TBSP Yellow Mustard Powder
¼ TSP Salt
2 TBSP Walnuts - Pulverized
⅛ Cup Water - Cold
1 TBSP Porc Ranch Pure Honey (available at Bitcoin meetups)
1.5 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar

Instructions: Mix mustard powder, salt and walnuts in bowl and add cold water. Mix to a paste and wait 5 minutes. Add balsamic vinegar and honey. Mix. Move to small jar and refrigerate for twelve hours.


The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.


NH Jury Nullifies a Bad Law

A major victory is scored for jury nullification with the acquittal of felony marijuana charges – and it’s all thanks to a “straight-laced little old lady” juror and participant of the Free State Project

Barnstead, NH (PRWEB) September 16, 2012

Doug Darrell beat the odds and walked home from his trial as a free man on Friday, a major win for the state’s new jury nullification law. Facing felony drug cultivation charges for growing marijuana plants behind his house, the 59-year-old Rastafarian saw all of the charges against him dropped after jurors in his trial successfully convinced their peers to nullify the case on the grounds that Darrell was simply trying to obey the customs of his religion.

“Many of us wondered what kind of precedent this would set,” said juror and FSP participant Cathleen Converse in an exclusive interview with Free Talk Live. “But after chewing on all of the possibilities and re-reading the definition of nullification, we all decided that the only fair thing to do was to vote with our consciences and acquit the defendant of all charges.”

Doug Darrell never had any run-ins with the law until 2009, when a National Guard helicopter flying below legal altitude while looking for drugs noticed that Darrell was growing marijuana in the back yard of his Barnstead home. Though the sighting could legally have been considered an invasion of privacy, federal drug authorities were notified anyway. Shortly thereafter, Darrell’s home was raided and the Rastafarian found himself staring down the barrel of a police assault rifle and facing multiple counts of felony possession of marijuana.

Darrell was offered several plea deals, including a final one that offered no jail time or fine in exchange for a guilty plea, but he refused to accept them on the grounds that doing so would be a sacrament of his religion.

Under the policy known as HB 146, the defense has a right to instruct the jury to nullify a guilty verdict if they conscientiously object to the punishment. Darrell’s attorney, Mark Sisti, based his defense around this new rule and, after the trial went to deliberation, persuaded the presiding judge to inform jurors of this power not once but twice. Given the circumstances of Darrell’s case, it took less than six hours for them to reach a unanimous verdict – not guilty on all counts.

“Mr. Darrell is a peaceful man,” said Converse, “he never deals with the darker elements of society and he grows for his own personal religious and medicinal use. I knew that my community would be poorer rather than better off had he been convicted.”

Converse describes herself as a “straight-laced, little old lady” who moved to New Hampshire from South Carolina in June of 2004. In 2003 she joined the Free State Project because she felt that her family’s future “would be better spent among those who don’t think we’re strange for wanting to rely on ourselves, and to work together to bring more liberty into our lives sooner rather than later.”

It’s a groundbreaking win for the participants of the Free State Project who helped get HB 146 signed into law. As an organization, the Free State Project does not back any political candidates nor specific legislation. Founded in 2001 with the intent to attract 20,000 liberty-loving individuals to New Hampshire in order to restore the Constitutional principles of personal responsibility and freedom, members of the Free State Project have quickly grown into the most significant liberty-based activist group in the country.

"So far, over 12,750 participants have pledged to relocate to the state, and more than 1,000 have already moved, over a dozen of which are currently elected members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives," said Free State Project President Carla Gericke. "Once here, participants are free to pursue their own causes and I'm excited to see that progress is being made."


Armchair Activism of the Day

Please email this Huffington Post link to the news sources listed below, encouraging them to cover this important NH jury nullification story. Consider working in a mention of the FSP, since the article doesn't (Cathleen Converse, who is quoted in the article is a former FSP board member). If you can only hit a few, please do the top three listed. Thank you!

CNN Contact Form,


Want to Help? Yes, Please!


You've probably noticed that the FSP participant counter has been increasing steadily in recent months. It has quickly gone from 10,000 to nearly 13,000 -- and isn't it exciting to watch?! This is probably because we have been doing outreach at a lot of liberty events, most recently at Paul Fest in Tampa, where we got more than 120 signers and handed out thousands of flyers.

But it's not enough. We need YOU to help bring the counter to our ultimate goal of 20,000.

If you have signed up for the Free State Project, we want YOU to get one, two, three signers to pledge to move to New Hampshire so we can all see freedom in our lifetimes. Think about it -- if each of the over 12,000 participants got one other person to sign up, we can put our efforts into what really counts: making NH not just the freest state in the US, but a truly free state.

What's in it for you?

Win great prizes for recruiting the most people!
Thousands of liberty-minded people will be flooding into NH!
People YOU know (and love?) will move to NH!
Once we hit the 20,000 target, the FSP as an organization can change its focus and start helping people MOVE to the Free State.

How can you do it?

Write to those high school friends that you've connected with on Facebook.
Go to liberty events in your area and hand out flyers.
Hand out flyers at the new Atlas Shrugged movie!
Start a meetup in your area.
Simply get the word out by introducing people to the IDEA of liberty and the Free State Project.
Share the 101 reasons to move to NH.

We're sure you can think of other effective ways to recruit people to sign up for the Free State Project. Help keep that counter moving! Do something today! (For example: do the Armchair Activism of the Day.)

Got FSP news? Please submit content by the 12th of the month. Thank you to all advertisers and contributors. Are YOU interested in becoming the newsletter editor? Contact Carla Gericke at:


FSP Announces New Board Member


Sharon taking a well-deserved breather during PorcFest

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sharon Osborne as the FSP's newest board member. Sharon, who organized PorcFest 2012 with her husband, Jason, will be replacing attorney Brandon Ross, who is cycling off the board.

Sharon brings both business and non-profit experience to the table. She says: "My vision for continuing the success and fulfilling the 20,000 signatures is an increased presence in certain libertarian segments, a consistent message of accomplishments and goals, and a targeted fundraising approach. Studying what has yielded the best results from past campaigns and then reinvigorating the process would be the most strategic starting point."

We would also like to thank Brandon Ross for his service and support over the years, and wish him every success in his future endeavours.


In New Hampshire


RLCNH Celebrates Extensive Primary Election Successes

According to preliminary primary election results, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire is excited to announce that 124 of its 145 endorsed or recommended candidates for state offices, or 86 percent, were nominated as Republican candidates and will appear on their respective general election ballots on Nov. 6. These results are essentially equivalent with the 88 percent success rate from the 2010 primary. Read more.

NH a Top 10 State for Young People

"Despite scoring high on the availability of bars, fitness clubs and youth-oriented stores, New Hampshire's population is relatively low on young adults," Barrington [Yahoo News] says. "That's a pity, because unemployment for that demographic is relatively low there."

Youth unemployment rate: 8.7%
Percentage of population aged 20-24: 9.3%
Average car insurance rate: $1,631
Average cost of higher education: $26,234
Median rental cost: $918

Best Internet Access in Nation

New Hampshire leads the nation in internet access, computers in homes and internet speed according to the US Census Bureau. More here.

NH Most Affordable State to Own a Car

According to the recent “Automotive Misery Index” conducted for Car, Mississippi residents pay the largest percentage of their annual paychecks to own a vehicle, with those living in New Hampshire the least. The survey weighed fuel costs (based on local gas prices and the average yearly number of miles residents drive) and insurance premiums relative to each state’s average household income. Read more on Forbes.


Website of the Month


Free Talk Live is talk radio that anyone can take control of. Free Talk Live airs out of Keene, New Hampshire, and is live 7 nights a week. It is the next generation of issues-oriented talk radio from a liberty perspective.


Facebook Page of the Month


Shire Photography is a personal photography blog of a New Hampshire liberty activist and FSP mover. The page highlights gorgeous photographs from all over New Hampshire. Be sure to go "like" his page.


What's Cooking? Check Out the Pro-Liberty Events in NH

The newfangled PorcCalendar is the best place to find out about pro-liberty events happening in New Hampshire. You can also submit your own events to this calendar.

The NH Liberty Calendar tracks lots of NH events. For Keene specific events, check out the Free Keene Calendar.

Planning to visit? Be sure to let us know! Email "," and we'll be in touch.


Handy FSP Links

If you've moved to NH or otherwise changed your info, please update your contact info or send a message to to let us know.

Find NH job info on the website - post your resume & check the FSP forum for a job! Join the FSP Job Alert page on Facebook for up-to-date job listings.

Check out NH housing and other community & logistical information at NH Info.

Are you ready to join the FSP, move to New Hampshire and work with us towards Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join here!



As of 09/16/2012:

Participants: 12,762
Participants in NH: 1,082

As of 08/15/2012:

Participants: 12,542
Participants in NH: 1,063

As of 06/15/2012:

Participants: 11,833
Participants in NH: 1,035


The Free State Project

fsplogo color (2)25145-0

The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.


The work of creating and sustaining such a society in New Hampshire is the job of residents, including project participants, not the Free State Project itself.

The FSP does not endorse any specific changes to government or strategies to achieve them. The FSP does not take positions on issues, candidates, legislation, places to move within New Hampshire, tactics or methods of action. The one stipulation the FSP does make is that people who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

Reporting by the FSP on participant activity or NH events on the website, in the newsletter, or in any other place does not represent support or endorsement and may not portray the diversity of opinions and activities that exists among participants.