Spring '14 Drop-in Group Exercise Schedule Our new Spring '14 schedule of drop-in group exercise sessions has been finalized and is now posted on our

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Spring '14 Drop-in Group Exercise Schedule

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Spring '14 Workout Schedule

Our new Spring '14 schedule of drop-in group exercise sessions has been finalized and is now posted on our website, wellness.ucsc.edu. We're excited to introduce several new workout offerings this term, including "TRX Basics", "Qi Gong", and "Vinyasa Yoga". Please refer to the website for specific dates when certain sessions may not be offered.

Spring '14 Pricing Changes

For the Spring '14 term we've decided to extend our reduced student price to all participants, so there is now only one price category for everyone:

1-session Pass: $3.00
5-session Multi-session Punch-card: $14.00 (5% discount)
10-session Multi-session Punch-card: $25.00 (15% discount)
20-session Multi-session Punch-card: $40.00 (30% discount)

*please we aware that all Spring '14 passes and punch-cards, including any unused punches, will expire on 6/20/14.

New "Bonus Free-friend Passes"

GX Program - Punch-Cards - 10-session (spring)

In order to make it easier for you to invite your friends to try out our drop-in group exercise workouts, we're now providing you with some bonus free passes with each multi-session punch-card purchase. These bonus-punches (the stars on the punch-card) can only be used for the admission of a guest. One is provided for each 5-session on the punch-card.

Other Spring '14 GX Program Info

Other than the few changes to our workout offerings and schedule, and the extension of the student price to all participations, the remainder of our drop-in group exercise program policies, procedures, terms, and conditions, remain the same. In particular, here are some important pieces of program information:

Spring '14 passes and punch-cards are available for purchase at the front desk of the OPERS Facility Center, Wellness Center, and West Field House, beginning Monday, 3/31.
The first week of the Spring '14 classes (Mon, 3/31 - Fri, 4/4) is "Try Before You Buy" week and all drop-in group exercise sessions are free (i.e. no pass or punch-card required).
An OPERS facility membership or day-pass is required IN ADDITION TO the drop-in group exercise session pass/punch-card for workouts held in OPERS facilities.
Each workout session has a maximum capacity and space in the session will be available on a first come, first served basis, so punctuality is recommended.
More thorough, detailed, and up-to-date program information can be found at our website, wellness.ucsc.edu