You are receiving this email because you either attending a previous NAWMA meeting and you signed up at Newsletter #12 for Octo


You are receiving this email because you either attending a previous NAWMA meeting and you signed up at

Newsletter #12 for October 2013

Government Shutdown Impacts Tribal Communities


Rich Addicks for The New York Times

With so many programs directly administered by the federal government, is no surprise to the majority of you reading this that the current budget limbo has added to the challenges of many tribal communities. The New York Times highlights some of the effects in a report published yesterday. Read Pulling Aid Away, Shutdown Deepens Indians' Distress. The National Congress of American Indians also provides further detail on the impacts.

In Other News
* Alaska to fund innovators who can solve state's water and sewage issues - Currently, more than 6,000 rural homes lack access to running water and indoor plumbing.
* State high court rules for Swinomish in water case - The case centered around a amended rule issued by the state to allow more water withdrawals from the Skagit River.
* EPA Fines BIA for Drinking Water Violations on the Hopi Reservation - EPA found the BIA exceeded drinking water standards for arsenic and failed to properly monitor.
* EPA Awards Over $1 Million to Tribe to Protect Klamath River - The grant will support the Yurok Tribe's environmental protection activities in California for two years.


Events for Tribal Water Systems

USEPA 9 Annual Tribal/EPA Conference

October 22-24, 2013 | Lemoore, CA
Hosted by USEPA
The conference provides an opportunity for partnership and ongoing collaboration among Tribes, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal, state, and local agencies. General topics include air, water, land, grants/funding, emergency response, sustainable infrastructure, recycling, climate change, and renewable energy. The Regional Tribal Operations Committee (RTOC) meeting will be held the day prior to the conference, on October 21, at the same facility

National Tribal GIS Conference

November 4, 2013 | Albuquerque, NM
Hosted by the National Tribal Geographic Information Support Center
The Tribal GIS Conference addresses the challenges of utilizing GIS as a tool within Tribal Governments which assist in making critical decisions for those responsible for the stewardship of their lands, resources, health and well-being of their people. The conference will explore the obstacles to coordinating legislation, budgets and other policy challenges, and present and share knowledge on good practices and innovative technologies.

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Search for Events

To find an event or training opportunity in your area, you can search's event calendar. Search by Category = Tribal to find events open to tribal operators only. Need help? Start by watching our video on how to search the database.


Recently at

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Appropriate Rate Structures for Small Systems (VIDEO)
This 90-minute video training helps financial decision makers for small water systems learn about rate-setting choices and best practices.

Salt Storage and Water Supply Protection
Download helpful guidance for proper road salt storage in your community.

Why Some Water Supply Wells are More Vulnerable (VIDEO)
USGS study helps communities understand why some wells get contaminated and others do not.

Mutual aid coordination crucial for emergency response success
WARNs can help utilities respond quickly to emergencies large and small.

Resources to Educate Homeowners about Proper Septic System Care
SepticSmart Week encourages homeowners to take action to ensure their septic systems are functioning properly.

Scholarship Opportunity for Illinois Operators and Students
Program provides financial assistance to Illinois students pursuing degrees or certifications related to the water industry.

New Enforcement Program Raises Stake for Systems
Ohio EPA tackles prevalence of monitoring violations with new penalty.


Free Private Well Training Available

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Some tribal communities have individuals served both by the public water system and by private wells. The team behind has also developed a free online resource to educate private well owners about proper well care, water quality testing, and more.

The basis of is a free email class that shares bite-sized lessons one at a time over 10 weeks. More than 2300 private well owners, sanitarians and others who help well owners have signed up for the course.


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