Mom Loves Photography! Just in time for Mother's Day, a few quick ideas to give you for MOM that are 'ready' to enjoy. Twin Palms and Pelicans, a fr


Mom Loves Photography!

Fabric Piece Two Palms Four Birds Vogel

Twin Palms and Pelicans

Just in time for Mother's Day, a few quick ideas to give you for MOM that are 'ready' to enjoy.

Twin Palms and Pelicans, a free flowing piece of fabric with a photograph printed on it by Larry Vogel, #1/1, measures 42x66" and includes the Plexiglas hanging device.

Although the edition for Lilac by Cara Barer has been sold out, there is one 36x36" still available at Susan Spiritus Gallery. It is framed and ready to hang in that special space.

barer lilac 800x 1


Neill William Iceberg Towers at Dawn  Pleneau Bay  Antarctic Peninsula  Antarctica 2014-January 30  2014 05-58-54 Antartcic Dreams 2014

Iceberg Towers at Dawn

Does mom want to go to Antarctica, but hasn't been able to get there yet? Give her a photograph by William Neill from his recent trip to Antarctica that she can enjoy until she gets there herself.

But if she prefers to stay closer to home, it is certain that she will like Jim Collum's magnificent platinum photographs, Windbent or Entwined or any other from the series, My Hometown.

JamesCollum Windbent FallCreek


JamesCollum Entwined



A Day at the Beach

With summer just around the corner, Mom will love Merilyn Mollard's hand painted photographs of life at the beach!
Each photograph is originally printed as a black and white photograph which is then hand painted to achieve its final appearance.
Some color variations occur as each photograph is unique.


High and Dry


Dory Fleet


Summer Callas

Mother's Day is synonymous with flowers whether they be fresh or freshly painted -- to last forever!
Dar Spain's Summer Callas or A Gathering of Iris will be a magnificent addition to any room.

A Gathering of Iris-SS

A Gathering of Iris

I hope you have enjoyed some of these suggestions and will think of giving mom a very special gift of art to say, I love you, you are special! Of course, there are so many more to choose from if you go to the gallery's website,


About the Susan Spiritus Gallery

The Susan Spiritus Gallery has been a leader in the field of fine art photography since 1976 handling the work of photographic luminaries, (Ansel Adams, Andre Kertesz, Roman Loranc and George Tice) popular contemporary artists, (Camille Seaman, Ellen Jantzen, Cara Barer and Fran Forman) and emerging talent (Deborah Parkin, Tim Hyde, Tami Bone and Cat Gwynn).

Known for its personalized service, the Southern California based gallery works with individuals, design professionals and corporations to address their specific needs. Whether a first time buyer or a prolific collector, the gallery has something for everyone. Art ranges in price, style and type including platinum, silver, hand-colored and digital. Commissions are also welcome.

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