Hey friends and fans, Long time, no news while I've been writing my new book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us. But I've emerged with this book, a new

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Hey friends and fans,

Long time, no news while I've been writing my new book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us. But I've emerged with this book, a new website, and a new tool, the Local Food Lab for community food empowerment.

Blessing the Hands that Feed Us will be released January 7 by Viking. In it I recount my adventures in local eating and the resulting commitment to restoring the abundance and prosperity of local food systems everywhere.

Wonder how I got from money (Your Money or Your Life) to food? Short answer: You can't eat money and in the years ahead, local food production will be ever more important. The most basic sustainable consumption is good, real, whole food. Bill McKibben says "this may be her most important work yet."

Please click the image below to watch my 14 minute TEDxSeattle talk with stories, humor, facts and inspiration about Relational Eating.

With Blessing (her nickname) is coming soon, I have a new website, where I'll stay in touch through blogs and updates on speaking, articles and links to organizations I like. Your Money or Your Life fans, the resources and information you love will be there too. If you want the blog posts delivered to your inbox, click the orange RSS button at top right of any page. I hope you'll stay on the mailing list as well. Also, like the book's Facebook Page.

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Local Food Lab Full Report

Working on the book made me realize the importance of abundant regional food systems, so I've developed, in partnership with Thais Corral in Brazil, the Local Food Lab. It is a powerful community engagement process that can help others who care about food convene stakeholders in their systems to get educated, get inspired and get going on new initiatives and businesses. Our launch at SINAL near Rio in Brazil in April gave us all goosebumps because we believe we are on to something that can help others goose their local food prosperity.

I encourage you to click the cover image for a brief, inspiring tour of what we did and learned.

If you want to bring the Local Food Lab to your community, be in touch!


Local food. Relational eating. Sustainable food and farming. Movements are growing to bring whole, healthy food to our tables. Movement are growing to challenge the almost total corporate lock on seeds and soils, food and farming. When I came of age, liberation meant getting out of the kitchen. Liberation now is getting in there, and into the garden, and markets, and restaurants and cafeterias and healthcare and politics to express our longing for human scale, toxic-free, relational living.

I am excited to add my voice - and humor - and passion - to this growing food consciousness and these growing movements. Let's do it together. Stick with me. Learn with me. We don't know the precise leverage points that will tip the balance, but we do know if we transform our own relationship with food and engage with our local (and national) food systems we'll at very very least give this important opportunity our very very best.


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Blessing the Hands that Feed Us; What Eating Closer to Home can Teach Us about Food, Community and our Place on Earth