A Tribute to an Old Friend Eddie was one of twenty horses HSSF rescued in August 2011, from a struggling sanctuary. On Wednesday, Eddie will leave HS


A Tribute to an Old Friend

Eddie 1 6 2013

Ex-Thoroughbred race horse, Eddie (age 23) was on the track for 7 years before retiring and starting over as a therapy horse. He will spend his golden years on green pasture.

Eddie was one of twenty horses HSSF rescued in August 2011, from a struggling sanctuary. On Wednesday, Eddie will leave HSSF destined for his final retirement place.

He's known as BMOP (Big Man on Pasture) 'cause when Eddie walks nearby, the herd parts. Any horse eating, quickly relinquishes their meal and almost with a curtsey, moves back when he approaches. He's discerning, fair, confident, quiet yet commanding. There is no other horse among the herd who can fill his hooves.

Regardless of the amount of time they spend with us, caring for them, loving them and watching them flourish day after day, makes saying goodbye the most difficult part of rescuing animals.

God Speed old friend. Thank you for passing through our lives.


"Eddie" - A Love Letter

By Sue Stack

Eddie2 1 6 2013


Eddie, you're a noble dude
and you deserve your own etude'.
A sort of a poem or love letter,
because you're goin' and it'll help me feel better.
You're a big guy with a diamond on your face
and you're leaving us to go to a new place.
I hope there's green grass up there and a friend or two for you.
Maybe your new person will have a source of apples fresh off the tree
and will share with you one, or two, or three,
Maybe she'll rub that spot on your chest where you get that itchy feeling
and when she makes a pie, save you the peelings.
Your pasture pals and I will be thinking of you
and missing your polite but self-serving style,
nuzzling and keeping an eye on the 'prize' all the while.
If you had asked me if I wanted to meet a horse with a twinkle in his eye
I might not have known I was ready
But you brought an equine element to my life,
you big sweet horse named Eddie

Sue Stack

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