TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR BEING THANKFUL CODE We are feeling so thankful to have all of you for customers, and with gratitude on our minds we are offerin


Take Advantage of our Being Thankful Code

We are feeling so thankful to have all of you for customers, and with gratitude on our minds we are offering a:

20% OFF Code this week through Monday,
for all of our treasured customers.

Use Code: THANKS to receive a 20% Discount on your cart this week, through Monday Nov. 25th.

Fine Print:
* Code must be applied during checkout
* Cannot be applied to previous orders
* Expires at midnight 11/25
* No minimum to use code but if your order net total is under $15.00 we will ask for the $2.99 for shipping.


Nunn Design Components

We stock the full line of Nunn Design components, and for good reason! They are of the best quality, made in the USA, lead and nickel free and so very functional for the jewelry maker as well as beautiful and afforable.

Use our 20% OFF Coupon this week to stock up! These components make it easy to give elegant gifts that are handmade.

All the pieces shown have free tutorials attached to them. Just click on the image to see and print out if you like the tutorial. Let us know if you need help locating any of the components as they are all on our site.

0778 Liex2 BN



OH MY! Big news! Czechmates is introducing a new style of pressed glass bead to go along with the already popular :

Czechmates 2-Holed Lentils
Czechmates 2-Holed Squares
Czechmates 2-Holed Bricks

The new shape is a 2-Holed TRIANGLE!

They are officially being released in Tucson Feb. 1st, but we have advance info and will be listing them so you can see all the colors shortly. They will be available for preorder starting next month with a shipping date of Feb.1st.


Free Breezeway Bangle Pattern

This design was created by Nichole Starman, debuing in 2013. This method of joining multiple shapes of CzechMates™ beads is meant to inspire and enlighten designers to the architectural possibilities that the uniform-holed system creates. It shows that the Tile is an excellent base for a 3-dimensional design.

The pattern is also versatile in that once a designer learns the stitching method they can change the texture and form of the bracelet by using different CzechMates configurations.

Want the pattern? Email me at pam@bellomodo.com and I will send you a copy!