MoneyWell 2.2 Adds Speed and Secure Sync No Thirst Software LLC today released MoneyWell 2.2 for Mac that includes new Secure Sync, multiple attachme


MoneyWell 2.2 Adds Speed and Secure Sync

No Thirst Software LLC today released MoneyWell 2.2 for Mac that includes new Secure Sync, multiple attachments, and improved performance.

Security and Speed

MoneyWell 2.2 has been improved to perform faster on your Mac and when syncing with MoneyWell Express. Our Secure Sync has been optimized to encrypt and send only the data that needs to be updated, which makes for speedier refreshes. Failsafes have also been added to automatically correct syncs when connections are lost.

This means that when you launch MoneyWell Express on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can be sure that all your financial information has been sent securely from your Mac and that you are seeing your newest account and bucket balances.

Faster All Around

Our customers tend to store years of financial data in MoneyWell and with version 2.2, those larger documents will be faster to search, navigate, and update. We've also improved the speed of Direct Connect bank downloads and imports of all our supported file formats (OFX/QIF/delimited). Additionally, you get more feedback during your imports so you know what's happening at all times.

Friendlier Functionality

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. With MoneyWell 2.2, we've focused on dozens of small improvements to make using our app even more enjoyable. For example, copy and paste of split transactions works intelligently and creates a new split inside MoneyWell and exports just the split children to apps like Numbers.

Bucket transfers default to the amount of the receiving bucket to save you a step. MoneyWell keeps your focus where you left off when you are editing multiple transactions and the navigation between those transactions is faster. The Source List and Cash Flow views also refresh better and offer more intelligent selections after actions.

All these tiny improvements are in 2.2 to make you smile just a bit more.

Quick Look Attachments

MoneyWell 2.2 now allows you to drag and drop as many attachments as you'd like into any transaction and leverages the power of OS X Quick Look when viewing those attachments. We've also improved MoneyWell to keep your attachments with your transactions so you don't lose them if you move your document to a different Mac.

Improved Investments

Investment support has also been improved with better importing and Direct Connect updates for brokerage and money market accounts. The Portfolio view has been tidied up and securities without ticker symbols behave better.

On Sale Until June 14, 2013

MoneyWell 2.2 is available for $38.99 (22% off the regular price of $49.99) for 2.2 weeks. Purchase it from the Mac App Store or directly from our site. Customers who own MoneyWell 2.0 or newer can download this update for free. If you are a MoneyWell 1.x customer, you can still get a discounted upgrade to 2.2. Ask our friendly support team for your upgrade code.

After June 14, MoneyWell returns to its retail price of $49.99.

MoneyWell requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or newer.

Visit for more information.

Don't Forget to Update MoneyWell Express Too!

We released version 1.0.2 of MoneyWell Express to include the Secure Sync improvements we added to MoneyWell 2.2. While we were at it, we also shorted the startup time (twice as fast in some cases) and fixed a few bugs.

To get the most out of the new sync in 2.2, you'll need to check the App Store for this update to MoneyWell Express.

Updated Online Sync Help

Our revised sync is easier to set up. Visit our Syncing help page for the details.


MoneyWell 2.2 Feature List

Improved Secure Sync including speed and reliability enhancements
Improved app security by activating Mac App Store Sandboxing
Improved performance for large documents
Improved QIF/OFX/delimited import speed and feedback
Improved Direct Connect download speed and feedback
Improved copy/paste support for split transactions
Improved navigation between transactions for faster editing
Improved feedback during sync operations
Improved bucket transfer add via drag and drop to show default amount
Improved source list selection after deletions
Improved Spending Plan bar graph visual for historic and current month
Improved sync setup to be less complicated
Added support for multiple attachments including drag and drop
Added OS X Quick Look for attachments
Added Preferences for favorites, transfers, and currency rounding
Added bank download info popover allowing view/restore of original values
Fixed graph views when multiple currencies are involved
Fixed Cash Flow header sum of transactions with multiple currencies
Fixed export to properly contain only selected accounts/buckets
Fixed calculations for Reinvest transactions
Fixed portfolio totals for mixed currencies
Fixed portfolio refresh issues
Fixed bucket transfers to correct visual change to manual
Fixed header text on summary reports
Fixed Duplicate Transaction to not use common clipboard
Fixed split transaction editor to refresh amounts better
Dozens of smaller improvements and enhancements


MoneyWell for iPad

Many of the above improvements were designed for our iPad release. We're not quite ready to show off any sneak peeks, but we are getting closer. Stay tuned and keep following @MoneyWell on Twitter and ADN for announcements.


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