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February 24, 2014 - The Mardi Gras Edition

Mardi Gras is next Tuesday, March 4. If you've never been to New Orleans for carnival, you may think it's all drunken debauchery, but Mardi Gras is so much more--a city-wide party that many people are surprised to find is family-friendly. My husband and I both grew up going to the parades with our parents, and we've continued that tradition with our daughter whenever possible. Years like this, when we aren't able to go, we celebrate by enjoying dishes inspired by those we grew up eating. I've included links to some of our favorites at the end of this newsletter.


New This Week


Holy Moly Spicy Chipotle Dressing

Holy Moly Spicy Chipotle Dressing

If you like your salad dressings both spicy and creamy, have I got a recipe for you! Unlike most vegan dressings, this one does not rely on cashews or other nuts for its creaminess. Instead, I used soy milk, lemon juice, and flax seeds to make a thick dressing with only 30 calories per serving. And did I mention that it's fiery hot? Find the recipe here.


Apple Carrot Amaranth Bake

Apple Carrot Amaranth Bake

What's an "opportunivore?" Find out on Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle, and get the recipe for the delicious side dish (which could also be a dessert) that Maria made from leftover baby carrots and apple slices.


Eggplant Rollups with Black Bean-Potato Stuffing

Eggplant Rollups with Black Bean-Potato Stuffing

Alina, from the blog Vegan Runner Eats, contributed another delicious looking recipe last week. These eggplant roll-ups are filled with beans and potatoes--no soy and no gluten. And they look incredible! Thanks, Alina!


Celebrate Mardi Gras the Healthy Way

New Orleans' cuisine isn't known for being healthy, but that doesn't mean that it can't be. Some of my childhood favorites, such as Red Beans and Rice, are naturally close to being vegan and low-fat, as long as you leave out the meat. And cutting out the meat doesn't have to mean cutting down on flavor. Here are six Louisiana-inspired recipes that are all packed with authentic Louisiana flavors.


Vegan Sausage & Mushroom Etoufee


Creamy Creole Eggplant Casserole


Real Louisiana Red Beans & Rice


Strawberry Snack Cake


New Orleans’ Style White Beans & Rice


Tofu Jambalaya

Be sure to see my recipe index for more Louisiana-style dishes. And if you'd like to see what Mardi Gras looks like, check out some of my parade photos from a few years ago.

Enjoy, y'all!


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