Czechmates™ On Sale: 25% OFF Have you had a chance to work with these sweet little two-holed beads? They are so pleasing with their nicely rounded co


Have you had a chance to work with these sweet little two-holed beads? They are so pleasing with their nicely rounded corners and the great colors and finishes they are available in.

This week, through Friday they are on sale 25% OFF! (All Weekly Sales Valid through Friday).


We offer a nice selection of button blends, which are great for creating stacked pendants, using in all manner of crafting, from paper crafting to jewelry making. Use them for all kinds of embellishment, and they are color coordinated, making it so easy to put together something that is ,well, coordinated!

Button blends are packaged in a 2 1/4" x 1" re-useable two part tin. Each tin is approximately 2oz, holding approximately 90-100 buttons. Buttons vary in size from 3/8" - 1 1/4", 2-4 sewing holes.

Etched Rectangles & Wheels


Czech glass Etched Rectangles and Wheels in so many lovely colorways are on sale this week, 25% OFF. These textural pieces are excellent accent pieces, slightly vintage looking, edgy with unusual colors. These beads combine nicely with Vintaj Natural Brass, and other patinaed metals as well as Toho's Hybrid Seed Beads.

Upcoming Improvements at Bello Modo

We are working on improving the functionality of the website, improving the way checkout works, adding new features and as always, making sure the site is safe and secure, and improving the way payments are taken so we can more easily refund for items sold out. If you have any suggestions about features you wish the site has we welcome your input and your patience with us as we make these improvements.

One thing that will soon be amended is the free shipping. Sadly, we just cannot continue to ship small orders for free so we will have to place a minimum for free shipping. We have worked long and hard to avoid this but the reality of the expense of postage and the many increases in it has us backed into a corner and we have to place a minimum. So, we will soon begin to ask a fee for orders under $20.00. I wanted to give everyone notice about this. I expect it will be at least a month until this happens, perhaps up to 6 weeks.

In an effort to be supportive of our customers we want to offer anyone who has a design published that mentions Bello Modo as a source for supplies a gift certificate for $25.00. Just let us know where it's published and we will put the $25.00 on your account.

We are considering other kinds of benefits for our customers and welcome any suggestions from you as well.

Join us in NYC at The Whole Bead Show

October 19-21st at the Metropolitan Pavillion
125 West 18th

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Email us at and include your mailing address and we will pull 5 names of out the hat to receive the coupons.

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